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  1. Thanks for the responses. Looks like £800 is not going to go very far at all at this rate with a least £320 on the Synscan TM go to upgrade kit for EQ5 & then £150 for power tank, adaptor & leads & £190 for a QHY5 planetary imaging camera. I think the upgrade from Evostar 120 to the 80mm ED & eyepieces is going to a future purchase..... Andy Milton Keynes
  2. Hi All, After a long 2013 of hard work it is time to reward myself. Like most people I have been glued to the TV throughout the recent Stargazing Live event for ideas & inspiration. I have an Evostar 120 on EQ5 currently which I use manually for visual astronomy but I really would like to get into and try some astrophotography. Certainly not in a serious way, as my budget just would really be blown away. My better half is an amateur photographer & would like to have go with her DSLR. I have even considered a Lunt 35mm for maybe some solar imaging but I don't think my budget will go far
  3. I did see that Telescope House are offering 20 x 80 Revelation binoculars on a horizon tripd fro under £150. I am bit sceptical on this as never heard of Horizon tripods & need to research reviews on how good the Revelation 20 x 80 binoculars will be.
  4. Hi All, Not posted for a while but still scan readign to see what's the latest chat. This winter for one reason or another has been such a huge disappointment for observing (eg. weather, work or both most of the time). I currently have a Evostar 120 on an EQ5 and setting up can take best part of 30 - 45 mins. With the limited opportunities I have been having as late I am really tempted to get a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian for those times when time is limited & so I can grab and go when the I get the chance. Is is a sound idea or madness in the making. I have a good set of eyepieces
  5. Have to agree with Laser. Was "unfortunate" to have to get up at 3.30am to meet up with one of my drivers to start work. Last few days nights have been warm & clear. It was great to drive to work & get to see Jupiter & Venus in the east & was even treated to a couple of meteors streaming across the sky which I assume may be the start of the arrival of the Perseids shower... Still got back home in an hour to get last rgasp sleep before I had to go back to work.
  6. That is the one I have, I know it'll be just for planets rather than DSO's, but worth a try! I have a barlow lens, and will probably go for a webcam in time. The mount isn't currently motorised, but, again, that's something that I think I want to do in the future Was interested in people's opinions between the T ring/adapter or the Max DSLR adapter (as I've not heard of these!), your post is very helpful and directs me to the T rings. We've only got three weeks until we go to a cottage on the edge Galloway Forest in Scotland, so I may just go for the safe option of the T ring if I don't hea
  7. I have a Canon EOS 600d and would like to be able to mount it to our Skywatcher Evostar 120 refractor telescope. I was looking at T rings and adapters, but have seen some discussions on the Max DSLR adaptor. I'm looking for peoples opinions on what would be the best option? I’m not quite sure how the connections all work, and how it fits with the various eyepieces? (if it does?) Does the camera become the eyepiece? I have the following eyepieces I mainly use, in case it doesn’t! – BST Explorer ED 8mm, 15mm and 25mm. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi All, Hoping for some advice & suggestions. I was looking into purchasing a customisable carry case from Sky's the Limit for my telescope. This was ideal as allowed for padding to be secured by velcro tabs around the OTA, and would hold the tripod (without mount) securely in the same case. I have the SW Evostar 120, which has dimensions (unassembled - star diagonal removed) of length 100cm, 4.75" maximum width of the OTA. Going on holiday to Galloway Forest in 3 weeks & Sky's the Limit will have no stock for 2 months. Desperately trying to find a solution for storage & transporti
  9. Got got my telescope back in July 2011. I became "hooked" after watching stargazing live 2011. As a newbie I wanted to see & photograph everything, but over time using this forum & information around I have "calmed down" & now understand that it necessary to have a goal or wish list of what to see. Mine is planets & the moon. Astronomy has certainly tested my level of patience. I remember my very first session after I got my refractor. Set up nice & early and took my time making sure everything went into the right bit, 1 hour later just finishing the set up & a great bi
  10. Damian, Many thanks for your help. I have sent an email to info@scopenskies to see of they have any in stock. Hopefully, they will. Would be such a problem I guess if I was using 2" eyepieces then there would be no requirement for securing the eyepiece adaptor. Thanks again.... Andy Milton Keynes
  11. I'm off to Galloway Forest end of June. Unfortunately, stargazing will affected as the summertime, but I am convinced I will gobsmacked in comparison to observing from my backgarden in Milton Keynes
  12. Need some advice regarding 2" star diagonal to my Evostar 120mm Refractor. In the photo where the eyepiece holder goes, it should be secured by 3 small screws. As you can see where the screw hole is, I have one missing. Can anyone help where I may get a replacement screw from? Thanks for assistance. Andy. Milton Keynes
  13. I think "deja vu" is the word of the day. I have had the 8mm BST a while and by far the best of the EP's I have (other being SW Supper Plossl). I have recently bought the same (15mm & 25mm BST's) from Sky's the Limit (Thanks Alan for all your advice). I was hoping to find a 1.25" ED 2X Barlow but could not find one anywhere so upgraded my existing SW 2X Barlow (which is not great) and replaced it with the TAL 2X. If the weather stays like this until the weekend I am hoping to give all my new toys a good road test & enjoy a bottle of wine or 2 in the process.... Happy days
  14. Fmandani, I am a beginner just like yourself and the most important thing I did before starting this hobby was to try & understand what I could expect to see through a telescope. As fantastic as AP is in the images that are created this takes huge amounts of patience & dare I say it BIG amounts of money. As posted previously in a lot of cases the best you may see will be fuzzy patches, but then you reflect how distant these objects are it is jaw dropping. I started last year & the UK weather has been dire with limited opportunities starting to get out with my scope and observe but
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