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  1. Thanks for asking this question Franco, I was wondering the same thing. My new bins should arrive through the post any day now and I was also wondering what I should be looking for.
  2. Hi Dan, First thank you for taking the time to explain this to me. It seems 7x50 is a good place for me to start. I don't really know the sky yet. 7x50 are probably the best place to start for me. I apreciate you taking the time to explain this for me and interested others. Now I know what to buy. I'll probably get a pair of 20x80 oneday but I just need something easy to use to get me off the ground (no pun intended) and the 7x50's are cheap too. I can get a new pair of Celestron 7x50 from Amazon for £28. I was looking at Saturn this evening with my mother's bird watching binoculars and my hands were shaking like crazy and they're a pair of small lightweight bins. I'll still have to use a tripod but I've got one of those already. I'll probably need to buy a cheap adaptor to fit them to the tripod but that wont cost much. With folk like you sharing your experience with newbies like me it makes taking up astronomy as a hoby so much easier. Thanx, Carrot
  3. I was there. It was my first astronomical meeting. I enjoyed myself and I intend to go again.
  4. I've just been reading Astronomy for dummies. The guy who wrote that book recomends 7x50. Now I'm confused. I'm going to hold off making my purchase til a time when things become clearer to me.
  5. I'll stick this on my wishlist. I've just ordered some astronomy books off Amazon but I missed this one. I'll buy a copy next time I put in an order.
  6. Thanx for your feedback. I have very shakey hands so if I bought a pair of smaller binoculars I'd still have to use a tripod. I already have a tripod that I use with my 35mm camera so I thought the 20x80's would be a good buy?
  7. I'm new to all this and I'm close to buying my first equipment. What would you recomend? I'm a complete novice and know zero about telescopes. I've done a bit of research and it just seems so complicated. I'm leaning in favour of a pair of Celestron Skymaster 20 X 80 Binoculars because they are simple and easy to use, plus they are portable. I don't want any gear that I can't pick up and carry around with me. Please share your thoughts on this matter with me? I'll probably make my purchase in the next few weeks as I'm going on Holiday to a remote cottage near Holyhead in June and It would be a great chance for my first stargazing. If you want to recommend a product please tell me what it is and why you recommend it. Thank you. Carrot.
  8. My name's Carrot and I joined this forum today. I've just ordered Turn left at Orion, Philip's Planispere and Astronomy for Dummies from Amazon today. I'm totally new to all this. I did buy a book with some star charts a few years ago but could not make any sense of them. So I'm going to try again, but this time try harder. I've just sold one of my guitars and will have enough to buy myself a suitable telescope soon. I intend to start attending The Usk Astronomical society's meetings this week. I hope to pick up a few tips on which telescope to buy. I'd like some kit that I can use my camera with as I also like photography. I'd like to thank the people responsible for this forum for sharing so much valuble information. It helps newbies like myself a great deal.
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