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  1. Just a quick question. I have a skywatcher 150p and it takes both 1.25 and 2 inch eps and I plan to buy a 0.9 Baader ND filter soon. The thing is all of my eps are 1.25 at the moment but I am planning on buying at least one 2 inch in the near future (17mm hyperion). If I buy a 2 inch filter will I be able to use that on the scopes 2-1.25 adapter allowing me to effectively use it on both size eps or is it a case of having to have both size filters. Any help much appreciated! Loving learning the moon but it is just so bright!! Clear skies
  2. Hello! I was hoping that this might be a good place to meet some people in the local area! do you know if there is a portsmouth group on here or anything? Thanks!
  3. I tried to write a response to that but for some reason it did not come up. Are we not allowed to post links on here to sellers on ebay? Anyhow, it was a good deal and the person did have some more available but i do not know if they still do, there is also the same scope being auctioned on ebay and it is at £111 so far so might be a good deal for someone.
  4. Thanks again for the feedback guys. I will have a look on ebay and see if they have anymore for sale and put the link on here. Ok, I just checked on ebay and looks like he doesn't have anymore but he did sell more than one so maybe you could send him an email and ask if he has anymore. He had it on special offer for a while then the price went up to £270 in p+p. So I just sent him a message and offered £240 in p+p and he said yes. It wouldn't hurt to ask Here is his sellers page eBay My World - me_and_my_pikey He has pretty good feedback and my item arrived after 3 days, all present and correct. I haven't used it yet though! Let me know if you have any luck. also there is one that is on quite a low price on an auction at the moment (£111) but will probably go up a lot at the last minute! here is the link Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 | eBay UK
  5. I won't be doing photography, at least for some time. I will probably try it out without the scope and see how it goes. If I do buy one is there a specific one I should be looking for, or will they all fit my mount? Thanks again for all of the advice!
  6. I can't answer your question but just wanted to say I jealous of your telescope! I have just ordered my first one after a few months of indecision, couldn't stretch to what you have bought (although I would have loved to!) and so went for a skywatcher 150p eq3-2. It is arriving tomorrow! So good luck with the new telescope, sure it will be great! George
  7. Incredible feedback everyone! I didn't expect to get so many replies in such a short time! I am not in any rush to buy anything just wondered if there were any 'must haves'. I am usually a very careful buyer (it took me almost 6 months to decide on my scope and even then I struggled to click 'confirm payment'). I have a red light, it is just and LED, but really bright, will that do for the time being? I have downloaded stellarium. Turns out I din't need a telescope, I could have just used that! I am glad you all seem to think my choice of telescope was a good one, I have been interested in astronomy and have read a LOT about it, watched documentaries and youtube videos etc and looked at tons of photos but I have never in my life looked through a telescope. I am so excited, but will have to wait until at least tuesday as I am in my final 6 days of university and have a lot to do. Thanks again, I will right a first light review (from the perspective of someone who has no idea how to use a telescope!) as soon as I can. George
  8. Hi all! You will be pleased to hear I will be entering the astronomy community as of tomorrow (so I think that means we should all expect cloud for the next month or so!). I have bought my first scope - Skywatcher 150p EQ 3-2 with standard accesories (10mm, 25mm, barlow etc) and as I got a very good deal, £239.99 with 24hour delivery free! I have a little extra cash to spend on accessories. I would like to hear reccommendations of what I should buy first, what will improve my experience most as a beginner and what will be the best value for money. So far I am thinking maybe a Cheshire collimator eyepiece, Plossl 4mm or 5mm, solar filter, moon filter, light pollution filter etc? Obviously not all of the above I don't have that much to spare! So what would be best? What will I get the most out of? Are there any alternative suggestions of a first thing to buy? Oh! and I have ordered 'Turn Left at Orion'. Thanks in advance! George.
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