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  1. Hi Tina, Welcome, glad too see you here, i hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. Hi everyone, I have come in on the back end of things as usual, but at home i use a 5 stage reverse osmosis filtration system to remove things from the tap water. I am going to psp at the weekend, so if anyone wants some very clean and pure water pm me and i will happily take a few litres up there for you all to take home, those of you that are going that is. It lasts for ages in cleaned out cola bottles or food grade packaging bottles. So feel free to ask, I would like to get a rough idea of how much to take up to the psp. I can vouch for the cleanliness of it, i have used it in the kettle for over a year and the kettle has not got 1 mark on any of the element. before i had it, every 6 months i had to descale the kettle. tastes alot better also lol. Anywa drop me line f.o.c of course, its water!
  3. Your link is making my a/v go mad, showing as a" trojan-downloader.js.iframe.chf", kaspersky 2012, check link please, not prepared to overide a/v to take a look. Thanks
  4. your welcome, so many possibilities. . . . . .
  5. I came across this earlier, it is truly amazing. Star Found Shooting Water "Bullets"
  6. nice job, let us know if it has worked.
  7. I had not even considered naming mine, until reading this thread, i am going to be a little different and name both mount and scope as both are important to each other, let's see if you like this :- yin and yang and the explanation:- Yin Yang Meaning Or is it too complicated lol.
  8. Completely Agree, i often now have 2 or 3 people from my Close, coming over for a view when they see me out and about, My 72 year old neighbor was out until midnight with me last night, first time she had seen saturn through a scope, and was blown away to say the least! Makes me so happy to see other people enjoying something i am beginning to love, it may spark 1 or 2 of them off also, which can only be a positive. I am new to it all myself, and have had some wonderful advice from people here, 1 person in particular who shall stay nameless, but if it gets people interested, then it is all good.
  9. I agree, hence my reason for stating i thought it b.s, just putting it out there too see if others had come across it and what thoughts they had. thanks for yours btw.
  10. Came across this link earlier:- NASA Underground Moon Base Revealed - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com Would be amazing if true, just wanted to know your opinions please. Personally i think it is bs, but it wont stop me trying to find the location the next time i can actually get to see the moon when all this cloud has gone!.
  11. heres your link, get in quick before it is all gone. . . Order placed AstroBoot
  12. Thanks people, Whilst sitting here waiting for the skies to clear, i was reading the thread, i just fell of my chair that was so funny, wife is looking at me as if i am more mental than she thought lol. the urn's were cool ! Brommas
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