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  1. I'm new to SgL and really enjoy the forums. I posted pics of Saturn yesterday in planetary imaging and thought I would post a pic of Rupes Recta that I took March 2010. I did not get to take pics of the moon this past winter because it was just too darn cold and windy when the moon was out. I used a Canon Powershot SD780 mounted to a 10" Skywatcher dob. Processed (curves & levels) in Photoshop. Just love my powershot.
  2. I'm new to Stargazers because I just had to post two pics I ended up with from a video of Saturn taken with a Canon Powershot SD780 mounted on 10" Skywatcher dob. Processed in Registax with some 'Leveling' in Photoshop. I am amazed at what I can do with the powershot and non-tracking dob. At time of video, Saturn was 37. deg altitude over the city.
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