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  1. Heart Narrowband

    thank you Harry
  2. Heart Narrowband

    Harry,how do you get the blue to come out in the image,when I take the images in HA,O3 and S2 I find it hard to get the colours right,im useless at the processing.
  3. phd2/cgx

    thank you Martin.
  4. Hi,i know this may sound stupid but can any one tell me what the setup is to connect phd2 to my cgx mount,i am using a qhy5 guide camera. Thanks.
  5. Celestron CGX Nexstar

    Hi,is there anyone out there who can help me with a problem im having with my mount,the mount is the CGX,the problem is that when i turn it on the nexstar hand control displays a message (no response 17 invalid model) can anyone tell me how to fix this,many thanks.
  6. Pacman hubble palette

    very good,if i could do half as good as this i would be very happy.
  7. The Eagle Nebula using the HST Pallet

    great image,love it
  8. Hi all,would anyone know why SGP wont respond for me,i had it working except connecting to scope so i followed a youtube clip on how to do the equipment profile,after i had that done i tried to connect but it keeps coming up not responding,i uninstalled SGP then installed again but it keeps happening,i would be grateful for any help.
  9. very nice,great shots,keep up the good work.
  10. Hubble pallet IC1396 First attempt !

    very nice image,well done
  11. fantastic,and you had no crowds around to crush you,great pictures.
  12. How did you see in the new year?

    imaging SH2-155 a rare clear night here,sitting in sunroom with a few lagers watching the setup work away and me watching Jools Holland.Hope im sober enough to put the gear away in a few hours time.Happy New Year everyone.
  13. ngc7000

    Hi Olly,its supposed to be a narrowband image using baader ha,o111 and s11 filters. seanpius.
  14. Hi folks,can anyone tell me how i can improve with my processing and what i am doing wrong,this is an image i did a little of processing with in pixinsight,any advice would be much appreciated. seanpius.
  15. Baader filter recall

    got a replacement for the o111 of baader a few weeks ago with no problem,you just send them a reciept of where you bought the filter as proof of purchase and an image with the halos.