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  1. this is my first image with my new camera QHY268 photo. 12x300sec. astronomik luminance filter(l-2) ed80t cf+0.8 reducer stacked in APP no processing.
  2. Hi,i was wondering if anyone has had this problem.When i turn my CGX on then press the enter button to go to home position the mount just keeps on slewing to the left until it can slew no more,any help would be appreciated.
  3. Would anyone know the focal length of the Orion 9x50 finderscope,i need it to put into PHD2 settings.Thanks in advance. Seanpius.
  4. screw caps off,tried sharpcap,tried everything,must be a hardware problem.Bernard at Modern Astronomy is putting me in touch with a Czech engineer who deals with QHY cameras which is very good of him.
  5. Hi tried change of cable,when i trouble shoot in settings it says change from usb3 to usb2,when i do this it then says problem fixed but there is no difference,it still wont work.
  6. because going by system settings it says camera connected,device working.
  7. Hi,bought it from Modern Astronomy,tried updating drivers and software.
  8. Can anyone tell me if there is any place in the UK that could look at a polemaster camera for me,the camera connects to the polemaster software but shows no image at all,so i was thinking it is a hardware problem.I have the camera about 2years. Seanpius.
  9. thank you Radek,will try when skies clear.
  10. Hi all can anyone tell what is happening in this graph or what i am doing wrong.
  11. tried using sharpcap tried different cables and computer,still no luck.
  12. hI Daz,the polemaster isnt showing any image,i did a teamviewer session with qhyccd in Beijing and they said it was a hardware problem. Seanpius.
  13. Hi,would anyone know where i can get my polemaster looked at and repaired if needed. Regards.
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