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  1. More U.K based as in star charts and retailers? Or is the whole mag based outta U.K?
  2. Sounds like Sky @ Night is the winner. Thanks for the info.
  3. Looking for a good all around astronomy magazine for beginners and up. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. bsd1x

    New to hobby

    The flooding is not around my area, so I'm not effected by that. I'll be doing my viewing from back yard and fields, I do want a tripod or something to support the binoculars. I'm giving myself a 2-300$ budget for the binoculars, I'm currently trying to find a decent pair.
  5. Those Nikons look nice ill have to check out the others you have listed. Thanks
  6. Yes I live in Ohio in the U.S there are not to many places around me that is good for viewing. Lots of light pollution, however I have a few decent spots I can try. I have always been a fan of nikon cameras maybe ill look in to them. Thanks
  7. Well I guess a few hundred dollars I want a decent pair, I'm sure their are some out there pretty cheap. But I want a pair that's worth it. Thanks
  8. I've been captured by the night sky for years and have always wanted to get into the hobby. Due to the lack of time and money in the recent years, I've never really gotten the chance to give the hobby a go. Now I would like to think I have more time on my hands and I want to give the hobby a try. I think starting out with a decent pair of binoculars would be my best bet. I can start saving $ in the mean time for a telescope, and just start out with binoculars and learn the basics. Any suggestions on a nice set binoculars? That can capture some objects and hold my interest would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. bsd1x

    New to hobby

    I have no equiptment at all, I've been wanting to get into the hobby ever since my astronomy college class back in 2001. I have always been interested in the night sky, ever since I started learning the planets in grade school. I do not even have a pair of binoculars. I hope to learn a lot from SGL and meet new friends. Any suggestions on gear for a total beginer? I was thinking starting out with a nice pair of binoculars. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. bsd1x

    New to hobby

    Hello my name is Dave I'm from the Youngstown, Ohio area and I'm looking to get into the hobby. I love astronomy and always wanted to get into the hobby.
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