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  1. far from being an expert I would have to say 1, seems to me like there is slightly more contrast to this one and you things look a little clearer. rings seem a little bit better on 1 almost like you can make out the cassini division when you go towards the edge of them.
  2. i have tried to upload a photo of my attempt at a carry case ( modified toolbox ) but everytime i click insert image it asks me for a url??? not sure how to do this?????
  3. Wow I wish I knew that much when I was at school !!!!!!! Your daughter should be holding her head high knowing that she was right and teacher was wrong. I think this teacher could certainly do with getting hold of a copy of turn left at orion!!!!!
  4. looks good at a glance will take some time to look over it properly later
  5. yeah I worked my way down from the 20mm to 10 etc but it was the first time i have used it so will have a look into the gain and exposure side of things too as never knew about that. will have a look for some tutorials on you tube etc and maybe get used to it on the moon before trying saturn again. Im not the most patient person in the world and always jusmp head first into anything and dont bother with instructions!!!!!!!! time to take a step back and learn properly i think and not just expect everything to work first time for me. Thanks for the response.
  6. As soon as i saw the clear skys I was out like a shot. set everything up and then waited for it to get a bit darker. I lined saturn up in the sights and then reduced the eps down and had some amazing sights of saturn and im sure there were at least 3 moons visable tonight. I thought right nows the perfect time to try out the webcam so got it all ready and sharpcap on my laptop but could just not get anything to appear on screen........... Am I doing something wrong? I tried with and without a barlow and focusing in and out but nothing. Am I trying to run before I can walk and should I wait and try on the moon first or am I just being a complete tool and doing it all wrong? HELP PLEASE!!!
  7. Well I,ve just got back from 6 hours in the tattoo studio and the clouds seem to be giving in a little :-) only problem is theres plenty of time for them to come back in force before its dark. fingers crossed
  8. Well i dont think this cloud looks like clearing :-( but fingers crossed! I'm gonna go spend 5 hrs getting my forearms tattoo'd which has a bist of an astron theme to it too. I have my sons names on the inside of my arms with stars all around them and shaded in between. and then the detail to be put in next month which i'm thinking of some constelations to have in there, orion is a deffinate but any other suggestions?
  9. I now have 6 days off work so straight away I start to think " great some late nights ahead " I wake up on day 1 of my long weekend or short week! and the weather is shocking...........skies are black and looking very much like a storm on the way here in south wales. Fingers crossed it clears by tonight so I can get out and try the new webcam for the first time. Is it the same all over the country or just hovering over us here in the centre of the universe ( cardiff ) lol......?
  10. Taking the kids to florida next year, am so gutted there will be no more shuttle launches then as could have tried to time the visit for one :-( Have always wanted to see a launch with my own eyes!
  11. I've been lookingfor something myself, I was hoping to slightly modify a coolbag with some ply on the inside to make it rigid and support the scope but could not find a bag long enough. dont want to spend too much so have decided that this weekend i am going to make my own case with some MDF and some foam and a carry handle/strap. Hoping it goes to plan and i dont end up with a lot of cut up MDF and my scope still in the corner of my living room!
  12. jana


    Just buy her a handbag or pair of shoes and she will not question the ammount of money you are spending for a while!!!!! I,ve got myself some space with a recent pair of shoes she wanted....... works a treat!
  13. I'm looking to get this at the end of the month. Please give us a update when we get some clearer sky's as I'm looking forward to getting mine so will be pleased to hear your review.
  14. Thanks for the replys guys, I'm gonna have to learn I know as I'm sure I will be wanting more appeture before long and I belive it will make alot of difference with a bigger scope. I think a trip to the local society at the end of the month and as much reading up as possible is in order. Gives me something to do on these cloudy nights I supose, otherwise the wife's going to start expecting some conversation soon!!!
  15. I have noticed a lot of people talking about collimation and polar alignment on here since joining, I have always just pointed my scope in the direction and found what I'm looking for. Is this something I should be learning or do I not need to worry too much with my setup?
  16. Yeah I cant wait to order it now, just working on the bank manager ( wife ) now to see if I can order it slightly earlier.
  17. Thanks, I have downloaded registax and sharpcap now, just need the webcam to arrive now........ oh come on postie!!
  18. I came home from work last night to find the new 2x barlow I had ordered from FLO had arrived and to my delight looked outside and not a cloud in sight. So after a nice bowl of stew and half an hour sat there itching to get outside I took my gear outside and set it up, as soon as I got saturn in my sights and then added the barlow to the standard issued 10mm ep I could not belive how much better the view was. As soon as I managed to stop saying WOW to myself the first thing I thought was how much better will it be when I get the Baader Hyperion Zoom MK3 next month!!!!!!! I also had a bit of time looking at the moon with the 10mm with barlow and could not get over how much detail I could see on the surface, it was almost as if I could reach out and touch it. I even manage to get a wow from my neighbour who came outside to check what I was " up to " as his daughter noticed me pointing a telescope in the direction of their house.......
  19. thanks guys again all great advice. what software will i need to operate it on?
  20. Yeah I ordered the pre flashed bundle. Im ok with computers but find it so much easier to let others do it for me. I like to just plug 'N' play.... Just hope for some clear skies now then!!!
  21. Its on the mount that came with it which I belive is a EQ-2?????? I have just ordered the webcam from morgans so as soon as we get some clear skys and its arrived I can try it with manual tracking if not easy enough that way I may pick up the motor at the end of the month as looks easy to install on the mount and will only set me back about £40.
  22. Thanks James, Obviously I'm still very new to this and learning all the time, I think at the moment its would just be nice to capture a few of the images that I see which are mainly planetary and lunar anyway to have a recored of them. I'm sure that at some point in the future I will have the desire to get more into the astrophography side of things. Unfortunately I am not as patient as alot of the newbies I have seen on here and I did not save and research what I needed, I am a very off the cuff person and afer always looking at the stars and thinking WOW I just went online and brought the first telescope I saw that I liked the look of and thought if its a good name then should be good. Now I wish I had come on here first and done that research but I have what I have, which serves a purpose pretty well, but I do hope to improve my setup with time.
  23. Cheers, think i will get it ordered soon then. Does the adaptor just act as the ep then and slot in to the holder or does it need to be mounted on some how? Thanks again for the info
  24. thanks rowan, was thinking I may pick up the flashed spc880 as looks good value for money and good place to start. i seen the kit on morgans which comes with the adaptor, filter and is pre flashed so would i basicaly be able to plug and play with this? also have seen there is a tracking motor which can be added to the mount which comes with the 130 version of the astromaster and was thinking of adding this also, would this help with the use whilst having the webcam attached? Im also thinking of getting a dob later this year so would this kit then be useful on that too or not as if i could use on that too then think i will go for it? thanks.
  25. Just wondering if any of you guys on here are members of the cardiff astro society? I am hoping to go along to their next meeting and was just wondering do you just need to turn up or should I contact somebody first to ask? Whats the normal sort of procedure for these meetings? are they prety formal events or relaxed? Thanks guys
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