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  1. This is my setup, sw200pds on eq5. Would be nice if cloud would go so I can get out and use it now, just need to add a synscan goto upgrade to my mount and I will be happy then ( for a while )!!!!
  2. Sorry just me being lazy and only writing heq5 and not heq5 pro. Have seen a few going second hand around the £500 Mark and am now starting to think that may be the way to go. Was gonna spend £300 on the upgrade so my thinking is if I can sell my eq5 on to put toward the cost I will not have to find much extra cash.. Think I'm gonna have to get my selling head on in work and get a nice bonus nxt month to pay for it. Looks like heq5 pro is the way to go then!!!
  3. wow, I have been thinking the exact same thing, I was all set to pay the £300 to upgrade my eq5 to goto but have now considered looking at a bit extra for a second hand heq5. would i be better saving a bit and getting the heq5 or just upgrading my eq5. i have no intention of getting into photography seriously but is it worth future proofing with the heq5 just incase???? hard to decide what to do!!
  4. cheers Paul, was only cider last night! gonna save the whiskey for first light i think. got a nice bottle of laphroaig in the cupboard just waiting.
  5. Hi pjfan, I have had this scope for 2 years as my first scope. i've loved it. I have just upgraded now to a 8" but feel the 114 was an ideal purchase as a beginers scope and taught me alot about the sky by not having a goto and also using a eq mount. i know alot of people on here also recomend a dob for learning the sky etc so may be worth looking at some of those also as you get more apeture for your £££ with a dob. If you like the look of a 114 and it suits your needs then I would say go for it its a nice little bit of entry level kit. Im debating wether or not to sell mine now ive upgraded. my wife tells me im not allowed to keep it but after the views ive had through it im finding it hard to want to part with it, but i know i will end up doing what im told!!!!
  6. Well my skywatcher 200pds is here, which I got a great deal on from paul on here brand new boxed, not even opened and delivered on nex day and saved me some money too. Opened the box this morning as was a bit too intoxicated last night to handle it. I knew it was gonna be big but WOW its big, after having a celestron astromaster 114 for the past year or 2 its quite a jump in size. All I need now is some clear skies which dont look like I will be getting soon. Also the box has given my two young boys something new to play in all day and have left me alone to be hungover!! why a box is such a good plaything I will never know. Massive thanks to paul for a great deal and service, another fine experience with buying from a SGL member. Marc
  7. Welcome to sgl from cloudy cardiff....
  8. I have the baader zoom and really like it. find it nice and easy to use and also think it has taught me more about the difference in focal lengths. I will also be able to take this with me as I improve my setup and is well worth the money, also holds good value if wanted to sell on i believe.
  9. Just a heads up that maplin have the 3-in-1 Portable Jumpstarter on offer for £24.99 at the moment saving £5.
  10. what a way to start with saturn, never fails to get a wow. I'm sure every single member on here from the old hats to us noobs will remember their first time with the ringed one. That memory will stay with you for a lifetime and with any luck the photo too. congrats.
  11. wow and there was me nervous going along and the worst i had to worry about was a strong valleys twang! astronomers are a very friendly bunch and always very welcoming, maybe the astro puns work in any language too! could be a bit of an ice breaker there. good luck
  12. i think that there is a bit of false advertising going on there! if im not mistaken its advertised as the universe for sale but the photo only shows the andromeda galaxy???? be careful before parting with your hard earned cash on this one as all may not be as it seems.......:D
  13. so as im only visual with possibility of some webcam on planets and lunar would i be better off sticking to the 200p? not the ds. thanks for the replys 2
  14. will it only make a difference for the photography or visual too?
  15. I'm looking to upgrade my scope soon, I am going to get a 200p but when looking at these on FLO I see there is the 200p ota which is £275 and the 200p ds ota which is £325. It says the difference is " features a 1.25"/2" Dual-Speed 10:1 ratio focuser for enhanced focus control and a shorter tube length with the secondary mirror positioned closer to the primary mirror " will this make much of a difference to me? is it really worth spending the extra for it? what does it do? Is it worth spending the extra for the 200p ds?
  16. for me it is saturn, the beauty of the rings and the fact its the first planet i have seen through a telescope. they all have something that makes you think this is the best though. hard choice!
  17. i got the baader zoom earlier this month, great quality ep and far superior than the issued eps and quality from 8-24mm and thats with my 114!!! cant wait to pick up a 200p ASAP to see how much better it is again. 1 vote for the zoom here!
  18. Due to the fact I drive to car parks late at night my wife now asks me if I'm going "*******" couldn't be further from the truth!!!! If your not aware of what ******* is then google at your own risk!
  19. Cheers guys thats exact what I was thinking get the ota first!!!! sorted will order it when julys wage comes in, providing I get my bonus!!!!!! Will upgrade to the goto at a later date, might even get a deal on for sale section at some point! NO WAY am I not going to benidorm, its a mates stag so got to really! ( and I cant wait )
  20. I have recently picked up a EQ5 mount from another member on for sale section which is great, unfortunately I couldnt afford when offered with the pro goto on there so will be looking to upgrade that soon, but not sure if I should upgrade that or buy a 200p first? Should i get the better scope first and use with the man tracking option or get the goto upgrade kit first then look to change the ota???? I'm thinking scope first then goto as more appeture would be better for visual observing and hope to pick up a goto on the for sale section at some point. Im hoping for a good bonus at the end of july ( £500 ), as junes bonus is already labeled as beer money for a trip to benidorm with the lads, so could afford one of these brand new at least but which way to go first?
  21. another vote for turn left, picked it up a week or two ago and as a noob is easy to understand and gives a realistic idea of what you will see not the nice clear hubble images alot of the mags will use.
  22. What a great thread!!!!! I call mine katherine after katherine jenkins because after my wife shes the only woman who can give me that sort of pleasure
  23. What a great thing the for sale section is, after going on just to have a look I have now come away with a quality EQ5 mount and the seller was a pleasure to do buisness with. after strinking a deal with which we were both pleased with the outcome he also agreed to sort the postage ( at my cost of course ) and has kept me fully informed along the way. I am now just expecting it to arrive next week which luckily should be when the wife is working and then get the new scope to go on it as soon as the wife will let me. Is there some way of rating your experience with somebody on here like on fleabay or is just a given that doing a deal with somebody on this grat site will be nice and easy so no need for it? Will certainly be keeping my eye on there now incase something else pops up that im after!!!!! 100% satisfied customer...
  24. I was looking at the celestron kit a little while back but after some advice from the wonderful guys on here ended up going for the baader zoom mk3, a bit more expensive but could not find the mk2 second hand at all. the zoom is an excellent ep and I am very pleased with it, just thought i'd throw that other option in there for you to ponder too.
  25. My neighbour came out a couple of weeks back to see what I was doing, I think he was a bit suspicious as his teenage daughters bedroom faces into my back garden and I had my scope pointed over the top of their house looking at saturn. after a couple of mins explaining about the scope he had a look at saturn and immediately I had the standard "WOW" followed by a short silence and then another WOW and then thats pretty amazing.
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