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  1. WOW some lovely images there. Does anybody use it for regular photography too or just astro?
  2. I was going to get a 1100d with the money I recently had for my birthday but after having to then spend over £100 on tickets to take my sons to watch the wrestling I am now short again on funds. I have also now been looking into a second hand 450d but am just wondering are they any good or would i be better to wait and save a bit more for a new 1100d? Thanks Marc.
  3. thanks folks, at least i aint missed it.
  4. According to the mag it was due to be on bbc1 on 5th @ midnight but the Super Bowl was on the repeated on bbc4 tonight but no sign there or on bbc2 on saturday afternoon. I have looked with no luck on iplayer but nothing once again! Have I missed a something here and it has been on or what???
  5. Saturn for me too! once again the first thing i saw other than the moon. Jupiter is wonderful to view too but those rings are simply out of this world.
  6. With the range of eps you have at the moment and a barlow on the way I don't think a zoom would be of that much use to you as you'd just be doubling up on what you have. if you were going to go fora zoom I would say only go for the baader as it will give you a bit more quality and the price aint that bad for the piece of kit you get. I have the baader mk3 and that is all i use now until i can afford to replace that with fixed length hyperions. BUT THEN AGAIN WHAT DO I KNOW
  7. I have just finished installing windows 7 so can dual boot now on my macbook, very straightforward to do and has made software options a lot easier. just need to get myself a camera now and I can start to do some basic imaging.
  8. some of my favourite pics are on my i phone either pointed into ep or just pointed to the sky. there was a lovely moonrise with jupiter right next to it over the sea front whilst on holiday in turkey this year, not a amazing picture but i like it and brings back some great memories.
  9. My first scope was a celestron astromaster 114, still have it upstairs. used a little bit of my redundancy money to get it as had always wanted a telescope but never been able to buy myself one. great little scope to learn with.
  10. Just a heads up that I found a pair of boots in matalan today that had a fleece sort of lining in them that seemed really really warm, the kind of thing that may help to keep the old tootsies warm on a late winters night out observing. made sure the wife realised i was paying them lots of attention so hope to see them in my stocking with some ski socks if not will be heading back myself. And at only £22 seemed value for money.
  11. Thanks, I'm gonna go down the dual boot option i think. friend who's a bit of a whiz on the computers is gonna help get it all sorted. looks like the best option all around.
  12. Im sure telrad wasn't trying to be sarcastic ( although he can correct me if I'm wrong ), thats the problem with typing something instead of saying it can't always tell how its meant to be said. If there is one thing I have found on here is that people don't judge you by the equipment you have just respect your enthusiasm for the hobby. We all start somewhere and as already said as long as your happy thats all that counts, any kit is better than no kit i would say. Enjoy your scope and try to get the best possible results you can from it and thats all that matters.
  13. Ive been thinking of getting a new 1100d as thats my sort of price range but to be honest I have also had a look at second hand 100d and 400d ones and are coming in a fair bit cheaper so may go for one of those and save a bit of cash for any extras to have to buy. out of the 400 and 1000 which one is better for astro?
  14. Thats great quatermass, some great straightforward instructions there just what I like.
  15. Ahh I'm just looking into the software options as I'm on a mac now and don't know what works with this. Am thinking of getting photoshop or the other option I have been thinking about is dual booting windows on here. Can you save the subs to sdcard and then transfer to laptop or do should you run direct through the laptop, just whilst starting I'm thinking as sure that when more serious will include a lot more kit then.
  16. So once you have all your darks, subs and flats then you stack them using software i.e registax is that right? Would I still get some results without worrying about the darks etc to start? I think for me its going to be a case of get the camera, connect it to the scope and try my luck and learn as I go along. Although I know as soon as I get into it a bit I will want to improve on them a bit so will try a bit harder. Going to order every photon counts and read as much as I can as can't get camera till i get my bonus in dec pay packet and with any luck will get one cheaper in sales!!! or if the buy/sell section makes a comeback in meantime.
  17. Hi just wondering what software others here use with a Mac as I have just switched to using a macbook after many years with pc, but after my last laptop died I decided to switch to Mac. What software do you use for planetarium, imaging etc? I am looking to get a DSLR soon and would like to get an idea of what software I need to process etc. Also does anybody use a spc webcam with mac as haven't got round to trying that out yet either. I know you can also dual boot with windows on a mac so is that a option that some people use to avoid compatibility issues with software??? cheers Marc.
  18. So camera, t ring and connect to scope should be able to produce some results as a start point then? thats what I was hoping for. will have to look into the compatibility with mac then. once again thanks.
  19. Cheers guys for the replies, yes my mount is driven with the synscan upgrade. I have seen many times on here the advice to get "every photon counts" so think I will invest in that asap. I have also seen a lot on here where people talk about flats and subs and things and I think the lack of understanding of this has put me off a bit so will the book help to understand these things? Also I have just gone over to using a mac as my laptop died and I always looked at the MacBooks thinking one day I will get one which I now have. Are there any major problems with using a macbook over pc or not? Once again sorry for the sheer lack of knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. After a bit of advice please, I have a 200pds on eq5 as my set up and love visual observing but I do think I would like to get some half decent images of what I see ( and what I don't ). I have a webcam and have had some luck on the moon, jupiter and saturn and this also makes me think I would like to catch a few images of things like m31/m42 etc. I have been thinking of getting a DSLR for some time and have been looking at a 1100d as its in my price range and reviews seem good. I know people say that for imaging a heq5 is the minimum you want but as new mount will be a long way off I am wondering would I get some "half decent" results with a 1100d with my current set up? Also if the answer to that question is yes I could get some results attaching a DSLR to my setup what things would I have to have i.e how to capture images and process them as really not sure, would i need filters etc is it just like using the webcam or totally different? Sorry to ask such a basic question but I really am not sure where to start. I don't want Hubble images just something to which I can say I took that and people could make out what it is. Thanks for reading my silly questions and any replies.
  21. I would say get an I phone then but don't want to open THAT can of worms. Im sure there will be some kind of app for the exact same thing for android just different name.
  22. Glad to help, the checklist looks like it could come in handy as always have my phone on me when out so easy to just tick the ones i have seen.
  23. I'm sure many of you have already found it but if not I came across a app on the i phone called messier list, it shows the full list with pictures and also there is a handy checklist to keep track of what you have seen. This will come in handy for me as till now I have just scribbled them down on a bit of paper or the top of a page of s@n mag. AND BEST OF ALL ITS A FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!
  24. I use this ep on my 200pds on an eq5 mount, tbh it don't seem too heavy to me. I do balance with it in if I'm using it ( which is most of the time ) but its never caused me any problems. I think you can get magnetic weights to stick on to counter with the dob too so not a problem you can't overcome. I have also had a quick go with a mates 150 dob and wasn't a issue on that occasion.
  25. Its a great bit of kit if you want a step up from the stock ep's but dont have the wallet to go the whole hog. I was thinking of getting a £130 case with loads of different eps and filters etc in there until yes you guessed it BRANTUK mentioned the baader zoom ( he really should be on there books ). Im impressed with it and serves a great urpose until those lotto numbers come in and the wife lets me splash out.
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