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  1. A mains powered USB will negate the PSU on the PC, so it isn't that. Double check which one it fails on by swapping them over in both the order you plug them in and where you are plugging them in. If it always fails when the second one goes in (irrespective of where/what) then it is a software conflict - maybe try uninstalling the drivers and installing the most up to date from the web. Have you another PC/Laptop to try them both on?
  2. Would it be a fair assumption that the more money you pay for a scope the better the quality of the eye pieces? for instance - if paying around £150 for a new scope will an upgrade of a lens or two make a difference? I know it is very generic but just a thought - don't want to waste money on a £20 lens if the ones that came with a scope are good enough. Thinking along the lines of Celestron and Skywatcher scopes (130-150mm). Thanks in advance.
  3. Might be the amount of power being drawn through the USB bus. Do you have a decent PSU (Power Supply) in the PC? Does it do it if you attach them one at a time after booting the PC?
  4. Hi Folks, Am I right in thinking that this type of Barlow lens won't affect the back focus of my little scope? Tried a standard one but it pushed the focus too far forward (got it refunded). But I assume this one won't affect the length of the focuser? Compact Barlow lens, 3x magnification, 30x1mm fitting on eBay (end time 23-May-11 01:33:18 BST) Cheers for any feedback.
  5. Hello and welcome from a fellow Newb!
  6. Hello and welcome. I'm a fellow Newb and this is a very useful and friendly place for beginner astronomers! Peak District eh? Nice low light pollution!
  7. I imagine any planet nearer the Sun than us is always going to be an early morning or early evening planet as you can't get the sun out of the way enough! I guess from a diagram point of view the best time is when we are on the same side of the Sun as said planet and the Sun is set. That's right, isn't it?
  8. Can't believe people are still posting in this thread! Thanks all! Gonna have a look at M81+M82 this weekend with a bit of luck (clear skies!).
  9. Glad you saw them! I am waiting for a clear night to try and find M81+82. Fingers crossed for this weekend.
  10. Jim, Did you ever spot them at your Grandparents? I was thinking of trying last night but the clouds moved in (Boooo).
  11. Bet it looked awesome in that scope! Congrats... I was happy to see it in my little scope with my 12.5mm lens. MAde out the rings just about but it moved sooo quickly! How big are those bins?! Thought my 10x50 were heavy!
  12. Now that is something to watch for... Shame the North West is so damn cloudy today! (Same as last night - #Rassssp#)
  13. Hello there, I am currently using a borrowed cheap scope too (before I take the plunge into purchasing). I manage to see Saturn by using the 12.5mm lens I have. I find my 6mm is too tight to stay with the planet long enough and the focus is sooo delicate that is simply blurs too easily. Still, with the 12.5mm and a steady, wind free night, I can make out the rings. Make sure you get it right in the middle of the scope for the best picture as cheaper scopes are not parabolic.
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome folks! Busy forum this!! brantuk - Thanks for the heads up about Keele, will check it out!
  15. Hi all, Name is Chris and I am new in town. Just started in the world of Astronomy and have blew the dust of my friends entry level reflector. (3'' 76x700) Managed some nice shots of the moon with 12.5mm lens and even seen saturns rings with 6mm - when I find the focus! Hopefully this will kick start me into the hobby and maybe a bigger telescope as I learn more. Nice to be here!
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