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  1. Hello, It has been a while since I have posted on SGL. I was hoping some one, somewhere may have had experience of putting a RA Drive on a Vixen GPE mount, although, not using the Vixen motors which are loads of ££££. It was my intention to use a chinese (Synta?) motor kit perhaps not unlike those retailed by FLO. Ideas, comment would be welcome.
  2. Hello list, We have managed to repair the plastic head of one of our counterweight Locking screws on our HQE5. I think we were lucky to be honest. Does anyone know of a source for replacment locking screws or any of the other locking screws on a Synta tripod? Richard
  3. I see that Astronomica have the Maksutov's back in stock. Has anyone taken the plunge yet or are the APO, ED's or whatever just too tempting?
  4. In spite of the poor weather I enjoyed my stint at car park directing and dome minding. I kept having to remind myself that this was August, just as the Kensington Dome disappeared, again, into the mist. Thanks Martin2 for your help and morale support. How do you keep so cheerful if the face of such adversity? Nice to meet James (I kept saying "hello James" every time I passed him, until he had to ask Steve of First Light just who I was) of SGL. I am not sure if the details of the day, income wise, are still not for publication. I think it is okay to say that although numbers were down on la
  5. I note the price difference between the article and the web site has been corrected. Although (as I read it) the finderscope is now extra?
  6. Yes, perhaps the problems philsail1 encountered have been solved. I wonder if anyone else has purchased one of these scopes? Note the price descrepency between the S at N article and the importers website.
  7. I see Sky at Night magazine ran a review of this scope in the August 2008 issue.
  8. The Australians have already introduced legislation restricting the use of lasers. http://http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23492805-2702,00.html
  9. They'd probably nick the warning signs.
  10. I suppose you could make them members. Although with a drug culture so prevalent in today's society, matters may have advanced beyond were such a move would be of benefit. Still if it turns one of them it may be worth it. Interesting list of very satisfying methods of retribution being suggested here. I would suggest caution because, as some have already stated, if the miscreants hurt themselves, there is a whole raft of professional types out there who not hesitate to defend their clients civil rights whilst happily taking the tax payers shilling to fund it. Your society would be chewed up an
  11. Horrible society we live in. I assume the local police are aware of your plight Alan. Not much hope but it is worth them knowing about the problem. I am not familiar with Batley or the surrounding area, so I do not know if your observatory is isolated. Is there a reference so that I can Google Map search it? Update: Found it! The Observatory appears tucked out of the way - great for astronomy and, unfortunately, if you want to get up to no good! Richard
  12. I don't suppose they are paid that much - if anything at all at times. I have a feeling that the factory always made amateur optics as well as military and space related equipment. There is (was) more than one factory in the area though, I believe not all survived the post communist Yeltsin era. I wonder what the 'new' Meade factory in Mexico will look like? Interesting photos all the same.
  13. applecounty

    Hi ALL

    "I hope the atmosphere here is relaxed.... tension is not good" Interesting. Welcome and enjoy, Rich. :hello1:
  14. Hello all, thanks for the imput - a rather large (those who know me will get my drift) red face here. My 'boss' remembered about locking the DEC and RA - and she isn't the 'astronomer' around here. We also had to adjust the Latitude scale to 50 degrees, this was quite stiff, even after releasing the 'locking clamp' on the opposite side. Is this down to precision engineering Chinese style?
  15. We recently purchased a new HEQ5 mount. We are testing the mount as I type, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much happening. We are using a power tank and the red LED on the mount is on, if the buttons are pushed a small noise comes from the mount, this stops as soon as it starts (presumably from the motors). The point is it nothing seems to be 'tracking'? The same happens when the hand set is put into 16x mode. Any tips ideas? :?
  16. I am sure I found a source for these. I have had a quick look through my favorites and found this chap, he may be able to help... http://www.astrodevelopments.co.uk/m3.htm
  17. Obviously 'Michaelmorris' you have not read some of the postings on this subject. I personally find it galling when some bury their heads in the sand and have having a fit of the vapours whenever the 'p' word is used. The decision to post on this or other forums is a 'political' decision. In the round it is virtually impossible to divorce the amateur hobby of astronomy with the professional science. It was only a handful of generations ago that astronomy was a profession carried out and funded by wealth amateurs. Norman Lockyer and his son James come to mind, although I am sure there are som
  18. When our government threatens to destroy the cream of British science in such a cavalier fashion, apparently without even discussing the issues involved with the scientific community (if some media reports are to be believed:The Guardian), then perhaps we should shout. I presume that most of the contributors on SGL are, like me, amateurs. I suggest all of us look to the professionals from time to time with interest and, yes, awe. When a chap or chapess stands in front of a camera to explain some new complicated astronomical idea, it is very likely they have been trained in a British Universit
  19. Is there any point? The government appears to be surreptitiously reducing funding to some of the country's most respected science projects I really do not believe such an event should be supported. There is a very real threat to the future of Jodrell Bank for example. Richard
  20. Thank you for the link. We have been down the DIY store route, including Wickes (I'm never sure if this company is 'trade' or DIY or both these days). Lots of huge boxes in all sizes, only not quire big enough for our needs.
  21. We have just purchased a Startravel 150 refractor, everything checks out so far. One really big question is: Can anyone recommend/suggest a source for a carry case or bag? Either would be okay.
  22. Recently I read somewhere that Nestle are to bring back blue smarties...I just thought you'd like to know that :oops:
  23. Have the picture but no audio unfortunately And I've downloaded the relevant plugins.
  24. Jct 22 is just up the road from me. I'd have given him £30 without bothering with ebay, assuming the optical bits were okay. Just goes proves a point about keeping your ear to the ground.
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