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  1. I was once looking for bespoke cases for both my scopes, but I found the official one very expensive, so I searched around and decided on non Celestron ones. For my 127 SLT I got a padded drum bag from my local drum shop for the ota and a stands bag also from my local drum shop for the mount/tripod. For my C9.25 ota I was pointed in the direction of a large plastic storage box from Ikea with some cheap cushions laid in it for padding and the tripod was loose and another padded drum bag for my mount. I looked briefly at a custom made flight case for the ota, but after somebody on SGL suggested the ikea box I didn't look any further for the flight case. So there are storage/transportation options out there. You just have to be a little flexible unless you want to spend a premium on official cases.
  2. Another vote for the SkySurfer V. Bombproof build quality. A very, very fine rdf.
  3. I found it once a few years ago through my 127 Mak. It was a fuzzy patch in the sky with no definition, but I was told that is what to expect alot of the time. Obviously if the conditions are good, you are in a very dark place with lots of apeture then the structure of it becomes visible.
  4. Firstly what mount will you be using with it? That will determine what supply is the most suitable. I own a C9.25 which I use on a CG5 and when I first got it I used the maplin 3 in 1 powertank that I originally got for my 127 SLT Mak. It worked ok with the Mak, but the CG5 was far too powerful and the 3 in 1 failed to cope. I then decided to get the Maplin XM31 12v mains power supply from FLO and I now have constant, reliable power to my scope all the time. Obviously using mains electricity in damp conditions outside can be a recipe for disaster and potentially dangerous, but if you follow the guidance that I was taught which is keep the transformer in a plastic box with the lid laid on the top so the cables can enter/exit the box to protect it from the damp (do NOT fully close the lid), while allowing the heat generated from the transformer to dissipate. Also ensure that you keep the socket end on the cable extension inside the the plastic box along with the power supply to protect that from damp. Luckily I have a mains power supply socket in my garden with a breaker and this is where I plug the other end of my power extension into. If you plan on running an extension from inside your house then for safety you 100% need a breaker just to be to be sure. This how I do mine and it is a tried and trusted method. Other people will probably recommend leisure batteries. I cannot comment on them as I have never used them. If you are away from a mains supply then yes I could see them being a very good thing, but if you have mains electricity near to where you set up then I would go for the mains electricity everytime.
  5. Sorry for predicament. If nothing has been damaged from the ota side I would take this in a strange way as being the right time to get a Baader quicklock to fit on the back of your tube and the smooth nosepiece that came with your Williams diagonal will just replace the threaded barrel that attaches to the visual back. That is what I did with my rig and indeed many on SGL have done the same. Originally I thought as you about using the threaded collar on my Williams 2" diagonal, but I was worried about the constant loosening and tightening of it all the time and the fact that it would wear the thread on the ota visual back eventually. That is why I went for the Quicklock. A very clever device.
  6. Thanks Anthony. I will wait with interest for your comments on it with the CG5.
  7. Just waiting on the bugs to be ironed out so the SS will work 100% ok on the CG5. I will be partaking then....
  8. Thats what I have read so far, Chris. The fact that many people who have StarSense already have reported that it hits bang in the centre of the eyepiece. That in itself proves that it is an accurate system and not just an expensive toy.
  9. Agree entirely, Paul. In the relatively short amount of time that I have been into astronomy in a big way (4 years) I have been wishing for a system that is totally fool-proof and once the bods at Celestron have ironed out the bugs I for one will be very happy. Some may scoff at such systems, but for some of us it will be a boon. I had a stroke 5 years ago and I find it difficult to fully understand Celestrons instructions most of the time. I am not stupid, but I get the impression sometimes that they assume that people buying their products already know what to do. In some cases I have read and read the instruction over and still cannot get it. Thank goodness for SGL. If there has been something that I haven't understood there are always people on here willing to share their knowledge.
  10. After an eye operation 18 months ago to remove a floater from my observing eye, I have gone from being a non wearer of glasses to one who needs them all the time. This does impact on my ability to use my scope. I have to keep them on so I can read my hand controller then take them off to look through my eyepiece. I am still not fully used to the constant tooing and froing of having to take my glasses on and off. It is just practice.
  11. Don't want to be the bearer of bad news Hobsey. I am wanting one for my CG5 as well, but with all these rumours going around I have decided to hold out for the time being. Now with it coming straight from the horses mouth so to speak (Celestron) I am even more cautious. If you've pre ordered from FLO they operate their excellent 30 day money back guarantee, so you can still get it and see if it does work with yours or not. Sorry Chris. Hope you don't mind that I mentioned you. Good to know that it will be ok in due course though. I really, really want a SS on my rig.
  12. Hey Paul. Didn't know you went to the Astronomy Centre at Tod? Haven't been up there yet. I am a member of Hebden Bridge Astronomy Society and there are a few guys from the Astro Centre who come to the meetings if there is a speaker they are interested in. I got chatting to a guy (cannot remember his name) last time. He was going up to the Centre to do some work after the meeting and invited me up to have a look. Unfortunately I couldn't go, but I will definitely be getting up there as soon as I can though. My very first time with Saturn was totally amazing. A good friend of mine lent me his 40 year old reflector a few years ago. My brother and I set it up in my garden and started randomly scanning the sky. We pointed it a what we though was a bright star. The moment I looked through the eyepiece it was unmistakably Saturn. The scope was pretty much out of collimation and a little fuzzy, but it didn't matter. It was Saturn and we could see the rings. My brother looked as well then we looked at each other and started to go nuts. Leaping around in the garden. If anybody had seen us they would have thought we were completely bonkers. What a memorable moment that was. I'll never ever forget it.
  13. I think you are right, Paul. At the beginning I was chomping at the bit about the SS. To begin with it was supposed to not be compatible with the CG5 then it was. If you check my posts count I have commented about it more than anything else over the past year. Recently people have been commenting on how it doesn't work properly with the CG5, so I think I will hang fire until all the bugs have been 100% rectified.
  14. Info regarding the compatibility of the above has been varied, so I sent Celestron Tech support a message. Hello, I am still very interested in the Starsense accessory to go with my CG5. I know that it is supposed to be compatible, but I have read on the Stargazers Lounge forum that there are some CG5's that are not. Is this the older versions? One of your beta testers Chris Rowland in the UK has posted on the forum that he cannot get the Starsense to work on his CG5. My CG5 is 18 months old. Is there a way of checking what the firmware my CG5 has? Which version do you have to have in the hand controller for the Starsense to work? I don't want to go to the expense of getting it to then find that it doesn't work. I am sure that everything will be ok, but I just want to be sure before I buy it. Many thanks And this is what they currently say: Thank you for contacting Celestron Technical Services. At this time our product development department is working on some of the Starsense and EQ mounts that are not working properly. There is no set date at this time on when the issue will be resolved or what causes the Starsense not to work with the CG-5. Please continue to view information with us for any updates. I hope they get the issues sorted as I would really like the StarSense to go on my CG5.
  15. Thanks alot Paul. At the outset it looked like the CG5 wasn't compatible, but FLO got in touch with Celestron to find out and lo and behold it was/is compatible, although some of the earlier versions of the CG5 don't seem to work with the SS. My mount is 18 months old and the word is that it should be ok. I'll have to check which version of firmware the mount is running and take it from there. It would be great to see it in action, so yeah.
  16. Yeah. Guess you could do that. Do you have a dewshield? You'll need one.
  17. The strip is to take care of the front element, but the cool down relates to the warm air that is inside the ota. The temp inside and outside needs to equalise otherwise you will have turbulence inside the scope when you look through it and the view will have a wobble (like the the heat haze you get on a hot day). But obviously you want as clear and steady an image as you can get. I do it with my MAK and SCT every time. It is just one of those things you have to make allowances for.
  18. There are a few peeps who have said that they have taken their finders off and replaced them with the Starsenses. In some respects the Starsense negates the need for a finder, but I haven't made any decisions yet. I've had my Sky Surfer V for about a year, but it has had very little use. It cost a hundred quid and if I sold it I would only get 60 or 70 back, so I might just keep it and find a way of integrating it somehow. It is more than doable. I am also looking at the Celestron Luminos Barlow. I currently have a Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow which I bought when I first started out with my 127 SLT, but since I have got the bigger scope and upgraded the diagonal etc it seems a little redundant as it is only a 2x Barlow and also 1.25". The Luminos has 1.25 and 2" capacity which would work very well and it is 2.5x. I would definitely sell the Ultima then. I should get top dollar for that as it is as new.
  19. Have never been really bothered about that. I do know that you can fine-tune with a feather touch, but i'll stay with what i've got for now. However I am considering the StarSense accessory to fit onto my set-up. I was holding back a little until all the bugs have been ironed out first, but it seems from the reports that I have read that they are pretty close to sorting out the minor glitches.
  20. SCT's are dew magnets. I learnt that very early on. Here is a picture of my rig fully set up. Just out of shot is my 12v power transformer which I have in a plastic box just under the tripod. Apologies for the picture being on it's side. I loaded it on the correct way around, but for whatever reason it has come out like this and I don't know how to re-orientate it.
  21. Yeah. Once you start it is difficult to stop. Been there done it myself. Although that is the beauty of something like a telescope as you can upgrade the stock accessories as you go along. Have you got a dewsheild, dew heater yet????? If not then you'll need one for your ota:-)
  22. Looking good:-). You've got exactly the same accessories as me. W/O Carbon diagonal, Baader Quicklock and now the SkySurfer V. Sweet. If my eyes don't deceive me it looks like you have a Hyperion Clickstop Zoom as well. I quite fancy one of those myself. Would be a real godsend when centering an image in the viewfinder. Set it at 24mm then progressively closer, but without the disadvantage of messing around switching eyepieces over. One centered on your chosen object you could change over to a fixed focal length. I think that is the way I am going to go.
  23. Hey paulastro, I just live over the hill from you in Illingworth. So the StarSense is the bees knees then? I have been deliberating for some time now, but I was waiting for all the bugs to be ironed out before I put it on my C9.25/CG5 combo.
  24. Hi Stevend. So it wasn't just me. That is exactly what I thought of the supplied 9mm. It was rubbish while the 25 was actually pretty good.
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