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  1. I have a Celestron Astromaster 70AZ (70mm refractor on a simple AZ mount) which has a red dot finder that I have found impossible to get on with. I am considering a right angle finder but my main concern is the mounting. Would I need to add a set of rings to my scope? Currently it attaches to the mount with a dovetail and has no rings or anything to attach any accessories to. The red dot finder seems to be fixed into the focuser housing so I don't think it would be possible to remove it without causing damage to the scope, but I could be wrong.

    So far I have been pleased with this scope, once I manage to get something in the eyepiece! But it's been mostly trial and error and just scanning the sky with a low power wide angle eyepiece. It would be helpful to have some sort of usable finder.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  2. I saw the same thing, exactly as you describe, about an hour earlier going from the direction of Arcturus heading north westish (towards Vega). I was lookin up at Vega at the time and they caught my eye, especially the "glowing" one. It pulsed once and then seemed to disappear. I actually thought it was a meteorite but then my eyes picked up movement a little further north and there they were again. Weird. Satellites?

  3. Finally a night with decent seeing! The weather and cloud have been rubbish since my new eyepieces arrived last week (of course) but tonight was perfect. I had managed to spend about an hour looking at Saturn through the new ep's last week (over 2 nights) but both times the clouds rolled in just as I was turning the scope to look at M13. So tonight I fought my urge to look at the ringed one first and instead went right to DSO hunting.

    A few weeks ago I had seen M13 for the first time through my bins but not the scope. So, I set things up and did my usual "wait until the neighbour's annoying spotlight goes off" and was just casually scanning the skies with the bins while the scope cooled down. Didnt have much luck finding M13 in the bins so I figured I would try the scope. Aiming the scope at the general direction wasnt the most comfy thing in the world (i think i need a shorter stool) but I managed. Didnt realize just how well I had done until I looked through the ep. A few very minor moves and BAM, there she was! It quite literally took my breath away. I popped in the 15mm BST Explorer and the view was stunning. The longer I looked, the more detail seemed to pop out, especially with averted vision. Probably the best part was, unlike Saturn or the Moon which whiz through the fov pretty quickly, DSOs hang around a bit. Long enough to swap ep's without rushing anyway.

    After awhile I was feeling pretty confident so I thought I would try to find M92 but didnt have much luck. Before packing up for the night I did sneak a peek at Saturn and Titan. Like others on here have said, you just gotta do it! :)

  4. Recently it's been blue skies and slight cloud at 7.00am and gradually clouded over from then on. I looked out at 10.30pm last night and all I could see was a faint glimmer, I think it was Arcturus, nothing else.

    That's exactly what it's been like here in Essex. It's like the sky is just teasing us... a little blue sky in the afternoon and then nothing but clouds once it gets dark :)

    I've got a handful of "buy and try" eyepieces from Skys The Limit that I haven't been able to try yet. Fingers crossed for the weekend maybe?

  5. I really did want to see this site but to be frank I'm just too lazy to get up that time in the morning unless I've **** the bed.

    Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way LOL! I dont mind staying up until the wee hours of the morning stargazing but I just cant seem to get motivated to wake up early no matter what the sights might be. Terrible isnt it :D

  6. Yeah, itching to get out there with the scope but unfortunately the clouds have rolled in here :D

    Congrats on your first DSO too Steve!

    Nibor -- yup, downloaded the kindle version of Turn Left and have found it very useful so far. Also have Stellarium but havent had much of a chance to use it yet. Have to admit, I use Starwalk on my iPad most of the time.

    Hoping for some clear skies tomorrow night for more DSO hunting and moon views.


  7. I am so happy at the moment, just had to share. Been on the hunt for my first DSO since the weekend. First few attempts with the scope were pretty frustrating, mainly because I havent yet figured out the red dot finder thingy so I was just blindly aiming in the general direction of M13. But today my new binos arrived so I figured I would take them for a test drive.

    Set up the lounger in the back garden, turned off all lights under my control, pulled on a hoodie to try to block out any extraneous light, and started the hunt. Whilst getting my bearings, I couldnt help admire Vega for awhile... so bright, and a definite blue sparkle around her. Then I kept going to the general area for M13 but couldnt really tell if I was seeing what I was supposed to be seeing. A couple of times I saw faint objects and thought "is that it?". But then I panned a little to the right and there it was, the fuzzy smudge I had been hunting for! What amazed me was how I could have possibly missed it for so long. Each time I put the bins down I kept thinking "just once more, just to make sure I can find it again"! And sure enough it was easier and easier to find each time. I'm just sorry I didnt have the scope set up tonight. But there's always tomorrow :)

    Not sure how I thought I would react to seeing a fuzzy, but wow what a rush. Literally gave me chills. Cant wait for more! ;)

  8. Thank you thank you thank you... You snapped me out of my newbie "I must see everything now!!!" mentality. Or maybe it was the bottle of wine and whiskeys that did that :)

    Seriously though, I am finding it a struggle to keep myself in check. My instinct is to rush headlong into this hobby throwing masses of cash at it blindly and hoping for magic but the logical side of me keeps screaming "slow down and enjoy what you are seeing!". It's good to get a reality check now and again. My wallet thanks you ;)

  9. I am in love with Saturn. Saw it for the first time last Wednesday and just spent the better part of an hour staring at it tonight. I saw definite separation between the planet and rings and at one point I could have sworn I saw a moon with slightly averted vision. Thanks to Slangers for posting the link to view the position of the moons, I think I might have seen Tethys! Either that or it was an eyelash... but I'm going to say it was Tethys :)

  10. Hi everyone. Been lurking for a little while and finally joined properly. I have always been interested in astronomy, a passion my dad and I used to share, and just got my first scope. Its just a small refractor on an az mount but I already got a stunning (to me anyway) view of Saturn on my first night observing. Took my breath away to see rings with my own eyes! Now I think its fair to say I'm well and truly hooked. Looking forward to learning my way round the night sky.


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