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  1. Yes indeed,the clear skies are a bonus we did not expect Great stuff.Cheers Dave
  2. :lol:Hi There Thank you to all of the members who replied to my strange request,i am sure you are correct ,the comet seems to be a bit larger,does any member know how far away this is,also thank you for your kind welcome to SGL All the best Dave
  3. Hi everybody I am a new member and would appreciate your advices on the following item. I live in the SW OF FRANCE.the Sky is very clear at this time. the object i am referring to has to have a size reference which is as follows. If a star is 1 mm in observation the item i am referring to is approximatly 12mm in the sky. From my observation point which is 5 Mls south of Bergerac ,looking directly above me from this point i see a misty object ,it has no defined edges as per the stars surrounding it,and is like a cloud with a light behind it. my apologies for the very basic detail i have given
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