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  1. freddy all of your pictures are really impressive... bravo! j|!
  2. oh this is fantastic! thank you so much for sharing! j|!
  3. This is a nice point john and it was already discussed. My humble opinion is that the brand doesnt make any difference in this case, but the retailer does. So I'd pay a premium for the return policy rather than the brand. And yes, in my experience I can raccomend the cheapest french option as the service was top notch (they also carry the european Tak service).
  4. The tube is manufactured by Jinghua. You can find it branded by Explore Scientific, Telescope Service, Kepler by Optique Unterlinden (that's the cheapest option as far as I know) ...
  5. the same tube is sold with different brands around Europe starting from 1.250€...
  6. really lovely, thanks for sharing what gear did you use? j|!
  7. Is that Lewis up there in Scotland? Oh you live in such a beautiful land. Ciao e benvenuto! j|!
  8. really beautiful Roel. Thank so much for sharing. I'm having a look at your site too and the recent HA sketches are stunning.
  9. All these 127ed meade by Jinghua should come with an optical quality test performed in China. Imho, this shows they're confident that the avarage production is good. The main concern should be a bad collimation due to an extremely rude shipping, but in this case the reseller really makes the difference. Even on used market I wouldnt bother about the brand and pay a premium for it. First try to buy something you can collect personally and/or return if not collimated.
  10. yes, shure... but I guess that the ones having problems aligning with Synscan, would maybe have problems locating anything, anyway. I once tried to help a fellow on an italian forum, and what I first noticed was he didnt read properly the manual (or misunderstood it). That's not the GoTo's fault, it is just unexperienced people thinking that every GoTo can align by itself!
  11. with the Synscan the polar alignment should not be so critical, as the system can correct it automatically with the 3 stars alignment. What really has to be perfect is the time/cohordinates set-up, then the whole process doesnt take more than a couple of minutes. j|!
  12. philj thank you for your review! I own the same OTA and I've been using it only in visual on the HEQ5 for some months now. I replaced the finder with a red dot, which I mainly use for the alignment, then I let the GoTo make the magic. I still could not reach focus with my binowiever, even with a 2X path corrector, bah... So far I'm really impressed by it, and reading that you choose it over the C11 will calm my aperture demon for some time! I will only add that this OTA is made by Jinghua Optics for many brands: Meade, ES, TS, Kepler... and the price can vary from around 1.200€ to 2.000€. It is exactly the same tube with the same case and accessories. I found mine during a sale for 800€. At this price it was a deal I could not resist. j|!
  13. Ben I have the same equipment as yours (127 triplet ED + HEQ5 GoTo) and I could easily see it last night from a decently dark site. I agree that a dark sky (and the GoTo) makes a big difference.
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