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  1. Ne Scotland round Inverness, lowest rainfall in UK?
  2. Very good, you should try to get it published in one of the astro mags
  3. I think theres a difference between knowing in your head you won't fall and feeling like you are falling - hence vertigo and space sickness. And fear!
  4. Even better if it will run on a tablet someone will no doubt do a port to a phone?
  5. Dont forget you have a battery in your car, if you have a cigarette socket in your car you can run it off that though some may switch off after a while (eg Renault!).
  6. Last time I used mine at Easter I put the tube on facing the wrong direction - I also didnt have both sets of marks aligned (which I also did when I first got it as the one on the Dec axis was hidden).
  7. I think the particles are up high in the jetstream, they were talking today of being able to fly at up 4 mg per cubic metre which is very small. Is yellow stuff not more likely to be from the sahara, I know occasionally we get deposits of sand from there.
  8. Seawater Fishing weights (lead) , melted (outside & cast) , or maybe (less fume) better stuck into some type of cement or resin? Would me a lot more compact and maybe cheaper?
  9. After the wind and the rain it does seem to have settled down now, quite clear working tomorrow tho.
  10. Would doubt if it would be the extra weight, provided it was balanced. If you had polaris in the circle on the polarfinder, I think the main tube would be pointing straight at the ncp, a degree off polaris so polaris shouldnt have been cerntred in your telescope eyepiece. I dont know though how having the alignment within one deg of the pole would affect the alignment - it might still work, depending on the field of view of your telescope?
  11. Are switched power supplies OK to run with mounts?
  12. Wouldnt apologise for that pic looks excellent! I noticed thers no mirror lockup on the new models, use the cap as a shutter?
  13. I have a C11 on my CG-GT which is quite heavy and cumbersome.
  14. There are Ascom drivers for controlling via a laptop, which I did a few years ago - Initially I had problems with the leads and ended up buying the official Celestron one which though short connected with no bother. I know you can buy longer ones, but I think the signal may get attenuated.
  15. I've been checking the long range forecasts and all ive seen is unsettled wet weather through to May.
  16. Like many I love the pic of M42, just confirms that you bigger the mirror the bigger the view, starting to look like the photographs in that pic.
  17. Touble is in Northern Ireland been a sunny day but theyve forecasted a weekend of rain, by the time you get set up, if you chance it , it starts pouring ;-(
  18. The thing that I've noticed, nto just in this but other recent programs is the way they use SFX to give a "lush" backdrop for the astronomy vistas ey by zooming into nebulae etc - which all looks really impressive but I doubt, if we were really that close to these objects, that they would look this way visually.
  19. cervesca


    Hi, time to stop lurking I think and say hello to everyone, getting back into this after a few years.
  20. Maybe to adapt those eyepieces small than 1.25 " ? 0.995 or something?
  21. Am I right in thinking this has to be done on a star ie you cant use a laser?
  22. I've ordered an EOS 600D (rotateable viewfinder and HD video) from Dabs who were the cheapest and have been selling stuff on-line reliably for donkeys - and have been able to check order status regularly (not in stock unfortunately) and seen the other stuff I ordered readied. You def need to check out suppliers first - Amazon for customer service though they can be dearer on some things.
  23. I bought a W.O refractor secondhand with a diagonal, and had to buy an extension tube to be able to get focus on an EOS. I think you need the tube as it replaces the right angle - removing this brings the focus in.
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