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  1. The North Coast is quite popular - Balintoy harbour has been used by a number of locals as it gives a good view to the North for Aurorae. Checkout Martin McKennas website - http://www.nightskyhunter.com/
  2. We had a Tornado in Northern Ireland!
  3. Is EOS utils not on the canon website, and controllable through the USB port ie just need a longish usb lead?
  4. Or alternatively, use your dslr to take lots of pics at your telescopes prime focus and then stack them.
  5. I tried using a small panel to block a streetlight at the end of the garden, sort of like a T piece hanging on the end of a long pole - using blackout material which unfortunately was white not black - and hence noticeable by the local drunks as they walked home! Very rough and ready, did the job tho caught the slightest amount of wind, like a sail.
  6. Sounds very interesting, will have to look into updating my CG5 software, if it can use this new routine, would mean a new handset though - I think.
  7. I think its always best not to go alone to places like this as well, too many wierdo's about!
  8. More likely to be a an easter egg type thing than genuine i would have thought!
  9. I tried for ages to try to find M101 in U Mj with a 10 inch Dob at home, never could see it due to the light pollution - was then able to see it with a 4 inch astroscan from a dark forest 6 miles away - fog rolled in and hid all the light pollution from the town!
  10. Has anyone tried Alignmaster for polar alignment, adjusts polar alignment from the error information obtained during alignment in combination with one of the alignment stars?
  11. The other thing about f/no is that it shouldnt matter if your taking a stellar photograph, eg a star cluster, as they should be point sources (and so the light doesnt get spread)
  12. I tried the first link, listed EOS 600D at 688 from Amazon, followed link through actual price £726! And an Amazon reseller. Just bought a 600D today, Jessops are now doing them for 699.99. I had one ordered from Dabs for a month, they were not able to get any stock. Also be careful if you are buying using a credit card on the net - apparently the credit card insurance isnt valid if you buy through a third party transaction type.
  13. Had a Canon 350D did many an exposure over 30 secs on bulb - controllable by USB but I cant remember is the bulb setting was limited. As well as the canon remote software, theres remote software called DSLR Remote Pro, by breezesoft though it is expensive, though you can download a 15 day trial.
  14. I nearly always find ojects in the way, last time Capella was almost behind a house, Arcturus was behind our house - can be very frustrating.
  15. Been thinking about taking up with the OU again - whats LJMU though?
  16. Some of the new Canon EOS camera (600D) do HD video, have been waiting for an insurance settlement to come through so I can get one, could be very interesting on the moon and brighter planets.
  17. same effect (moving the object) also happens with faint satellites!
  18. I got an android one about a month ago, and the breadth and range of Apps is amazing, even if you are only looking at the free ones. Highly recommended. One difference (drawback) you will notice is how quickly batteries drain, essentially you just need to charge daily, especially if you are a heavy user.
  19. Burnhams Celestial Handbook vols 1,2 and 3!
  20. With batteries you need to use them regularly or they will be wrecked - the cheap ones can also have these issues - regular use solves this though. With a power supply the scope will only draw the current it needs - so even if the power supply is rated at 5 amps it wont draw that. Initially I got a 2A one from maplin, had problems with it when slewing fast - if its short on power the alignment gets reset.
  21. Been a couple of years since I went into the country to observe, the horrible thing was coming back and seeing all the orange glow being reflected back downwards as I got closer to home - so if its really bad it will illuminate clouds - tho I was seeing it from somwhere reasonably dark as I drove home.
  22. Possibly M44 Beehive cluster tho its fov might be too wide. M51 is another, bright galaxy. M97, Owl neb in U. Major You also have the leo/virgo galaxies tho it might be too bright for them
  23. I initially did something similiar, got a 2A power supply from Maplin - which was underpowered (on a C11) so I'd say to go for a more powerful one. There are plenty of cheap versions used for laptops and camping equipment. You can also use a jump starter car battery type, which will always provide enough current and will last if you recharge it consistently - and also means your not trailing long leads. PS The power switch on the mount is a very cheap version apparently its now recommended not to use it and power off/on by unplugging the power lead - had broken on my mount so I had to get my brother to solder it permanently on!
  24. The shift is based on a similiar phenomen with light and sound, as both are essentially waves. The comparison between them is more an analogy, as sounds waves are vibrations in matter (eg air) travelling at a much smaller velicity (300 m/s in air) than light. As the speed of sound is much lower these effects are more obvious in everyday life. Its observed expmerimentally (in electromagnetic radiation eg light) as when the velocity towards and away from us is small, the shifts are small - This is used in radar to work out speeds of planes etc. Its also used to measure the speeds to and away from us of stars in our neighbourhood and is used for measuring binary stars as they take turns coming towards and away from us. Another way to think of is is to pretend your a boat travelling through the sea - the faster travel towards the waves, the more peaks and troughs you see - counting the number you pass per second gives you the frequency.
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