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  1. Had my Skyliner 200p for a couple of weeks and been out in the backgarden a handfull of times. Was getting a little frustrated at not finding any DSO and starhopping with the back-to-frontness of the viewfinder/scope. Well, last night thought I would try and find M57. 5 minutes later and I found it. Very subtle and faint, like a little smoke ring but I was over the moon. So much so that I dragged the Mrs out of bed for her to have a look. After that I thought right, whats next. Lets find M13, WOW. found it really quick and couldnt believe it. Absolutely beautiful. Was absoultey over the moon, a moment i'll never forget. What started out as a quick 30 min session turned into a 1am session (destroyed today - up at 530 for work) I didnt even want to go in and get my coat. The Whirlpool / cigar Galaxies continue to allude me though. Desperate to find my first galaxy. Was telling everyone in work today and was met with the usual rolling eyes so just wanted to share with others who understand. Bring on the winter so I dont have to wait until 11pm to get out with my scope Leigh
  2. Well my 8" Dob arrived at the weekend and after a few cloudy nights decided to have my first go in the garden last night. Thought I would mark the ocassion with a bottle of fizz - Waiting for it to go dark so drank most of the bottle before I got outside. Sat down and found Saturn almost straight away using the 10mm lens. Absolutely brilliant. Could even see 3 of its moons. Didn't seem to have much trouble finding the bright stars in the finder scope but thats were it stopped. I'm really struggling with the upside down back-to-front aspect of the finder/scope at the moment. Two questions: 1. Was looking at getting the Skywatcher economy 2 x Barlow (£15 from 365 Astronomy). Would this be any good or should I spend a little more on a barlow. 2. Bit of a silly one so apologies: when Im looking for DSO's if I come accross one will I see it straight away (like you would with a star) or do I need to leave the scope in that area to gather the light from the DSO first (or is this just for astrophotography). All-in-all Im very pleased with my first go. I know I've got a long way to go and a lot to learn. My main issue at the moment is the backwards way I'm having to navigate around the sky. Forecast for clear skies tonight so looking forward to having another go (minus the fizz though) Leigh
  3. Thanks very much guys I've never been on a forum before (and I've been a member of a few) were everyone is so helpful and quick to respond. Really looking forward to the learning curve ahead. Very much appreciates, regards Leigh (PRICEMAN£
  4. Hi guys Awaiting delivery of my first scope (8"dob) and need a bit of help to understand how the image appears through the scope and view finder. Is the image I see through the eye piece upside down / back to front / or left to right or even a combination of all three. Also is this the same through the finder scope ? Just want to try and get my head round it before I get started. Kind regards Leigh (PRICEMAN)
  5. Hi everyone After much deliberation and with some help and advice from users of this site I have ordered my first scope. Skywathcer Skyliner 8" Dobsonian (£275 delivered from Camera Centre, Burnley) Like a kid at xmas now but in anticipation of its arrival I'm already looking at bits and bobs that I'm going to need (want) to bling the scope up a little. 1. Eyepieces - Think I've read everything I can find on this site about eyepieces but still feel a little blinded by the science. Can anyone recommend a good (reasonably price) eye piece for enhanced deep-sky viewing and one for planetary viewing. 2. Red-dot sight / Telrad / colimators ? again, a little lost with which to get. Any recommendations. 3. Filters. Would like a moon filter but have seen a variety of other colours. Can anyone recommend a good moon filter and would I need any of the coloured ones. I really would appreciate anyones help and advice. I'm new to the hobby and worried that without the right guidance I'll end up spending money on things that I dont need/aren't good value for money/not suitable for my needs. Kind Regards Priceman
  6. Have you tried redshift astronomy. It's a bit pricey (£6.99) but very very good
  7. Thats a big help. Thanky you so much. Will go for the 8 in non flex. I did consider this one originally but was told he cost of buying the eq5 mount at a later stage would be more costly (£250 for the mount by itself) as you can buy a similar scope with the mount (think it might have been an explorer 200p) for around £450. Thanks again PRICEMAN QUOTE=JBM1165;1798259]Dobsonians will give you the best aperture for your money. The only astrophotography you will be able to do with this kit though will be to webcam the planets and the moon - no deep sky. As mentioned earlier above, you will need accurate tracking for that which comes from using an equatorial mount. One possible idea that lends itself in the longer term is to but an 8" dobsonian with a solid tube and not the flex model. Later you can put rings round it and mount it on a HEQ5 mount (which is really the minimum for tracking) which you can obtain later on but this way, you won't need to replace your scope. Add to your existing gear is always the way to work as it's cheaper in the longer run. You won't be able to mount the flex-tube equatorially. Hope that helps rather than confuses. James
  8. Thanks for making me feel so welcome and for the advice. Priceman
  9. Hi Vicky, I'm new to the forum myself and looking to by my first scope. Been doing a lot of reading about 8inch Dob's and think I'm going to take the plunge with a Skyliner 200p Flex Dobsonian. Was looking at the non flex (about £150 cheaper) but the flex is collapsable and has an auto tracker so its better for storage and gives you the option of astrophotography. Youre looking at about £470 for the flex and £280 for the non flex. Which OU course(s) are you doing and how is it? That is something I have always wanted to do. Kind Regards Leigh
  10. Hello Everyone. As title says, first post. Ive been interested in astronomy for a few months and am looking to buy my first scope. I want a good all rounder. Definately want to see (and photograph) deep space. The one I keep going back to is the Skyliner 200p Flex Dobsonian. Anyone own this scope and / or got any advice for me on this scope or a suitable/similar alternative (budget around £450) I've done some searches on the forums and seen a few bits and bobs on this scope but still can't quite make my mind up. Great forum BTW Priceman
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