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  1. Hi guys. Had my 8" dob for a month now and getting to grips with it quite well. I've got a real interest in DSO's and so far have found M13/57/103. However I am desperate to find my first galaxy. Not sure why, guess it's a milestone that I want to achieve. Every time I'm out viewing I keep trying to (unsuccessfully) locate M51 - whirlpool galaxy. Do I need perfect conditions to see galaxies ? Which, in your opinion are the easiest ones to find ? Location wise im in Liverpool, observe from my garden (which is pretty dark despite my neighbours Blackpool illuminations of solar lights) Any advice would be much appreciated Regards Leigh

    Hi Guys!

    Hi and welcome. It's a great site. Leigh
  3. Both great but I think the second one clinches it too Leigh
  4. It's the spare room for mine. No garage and no room in the shed. Feel better about it being in the house anyways. Leigh
  5. Saturn was my first too. Wait until you find your first DSO. magic experience. Leigh
  6. Hi from Liverpool. I'm new myself. This is a great site. Everyone is very helpful and you'll learn plenty from the site / members Leigh
  7. Have you made sure it's aligned properly. It's hard enough navigating around when it's all upside down / back-to-front and would be even worse if it's not aligned properly. I used Saturn to align mine (any bright star or distant object will do) Leigh
  8. Hi and welcome from me in Liverpool. Leigh
  9. I've got the same scope as you and didn't bother with a Collimator. Everything is pin sharp through the EP's anyways. I will get one eventually when it needs to be done. Rather save my money for a telrad and EP's at the moment. I have to agree with you though. Reading the manual it looks very complicated and I'm dreading the day it needs doing. Have a go looking at the moon. It's visible in the south quite high up from about 830pm (used my moon filter for the firs time which makes a difference). You will get lost in the craters Leigh
  10. I've got the 8 inch. Fits quite easily in the corner of any room and easy enough to move about by yourself. It ain't one of the best selling scopes in the uk for no reason. Worth the extra money if you ask me. Leigh.
  11. Well done. That was my first object to. Always keep going back to it. Leigh
  12. Hi and welcome. If you have an iPhone try starwalk. It got me up and running and definitely furthered my interest in astronomy

    Hey guys!

    Hi Josh. Welcome to the site.


    Hi from Liverpool and welcome
  15. Welcome. I'm a newbee to and this site / members has been suberb in getting me started Leigh


    Hi and welcome. Got me a skywatcher 200p dob. Amazing scopes
  17. Well done. Was the first thing I ever saw in my new scope. I'll never forget it
  18. Thanks for taking the time to explain that to me guys. Will give it a go tonight. Looks like it's going to be a clear one in sunny Liverpool Regards Leigh
  19. Nice one. Found my first DSO's the other night too. Same as you. Up until 1am then up for work at 530am. Definately worth it though Leigh
  20. Sorry, A really basic one but am not quite sure what it means. Is it when you done look directly at something or when you look at something, look away and then look back again. I think I was doing it last night when looking at M57 because one minute it was really blurry, then next it would be clear then back to blurry again. Can someone help me with this and the best way to do it Thanks Guys Leigh
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