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  1. If we were able to fly in a straight line long enough and fast enough would we eventually come back on ourselves ?? That's my ideas about the shape of the universe. Or the fact that we could just be inside a drop of water on a leaf somewhere. Mind melting stuff. Leigh
  2. Very nice. Tempting me to the Astrophotography world. Leigh
  3. My skywatcher 200p dob seems to have a mouse stuck inside the focuser housing. Turnings the focuser produces a horrible squeaking. Is it safe to take it apart to lubricate ? Anyone experienced this before and can give me some advice. Kind regards Leigh
  4. Hi guys. Just bought a Meade 5.5mm super possl EP. Tried it on Jupiter early Sunday morning. Very good image. Could see the cloud banding too. First go with the new EP and couldn't help thinking that the image was a little fuzzy / blurry. Think I've ruled out collimatiion. Not sure whether it's the higher magnification, was low on the horizon, not especially dark or whether there is something wrong with the EP. Any advice for me guys would be much appreciated. Ive seen other people's images from the dob section on this site of Jupiter and Saturn and there lovely and sharp. Thanks Leigh
  5. I was the same. Just looks like a little smoke ring. As above it's in between the bottom two stars Leigh
  6. You guys are the best. Very useful and saved me some money Thanks a million Leigh
  7. Just had my telrad delivered for my dob. Leaflet included about telrad finder charts. I've also read a couple of reviews about how to star hop using the tetrad, eg, two telrads to the right and half a telrad down etc. Anyone know any links, sites or books that has this type of thing documented. Thanks guys Leigh
  8. Just bought a revelation 30mm 2" EP from telescope house (£37.99). Was going to get the 32mm skywatcher panaview (twice the price) but settle on the revelation after some advice from the chap on the phone. Had a go with it last night. V pleased with it. This is my first wide angle EP so have no basis for comparison. Have I made he right choose or is there a suitable alternative I should buy before I officially welcome the revelation to my EP collection. Thanks guys Leigh.
  9. I've been viewing M51 a lot recently with my 10" scope (there is a supernova in it at the moment) but can't make out spiral structure under these summer skies. I've heard that this was / has happened in M51 - What can I exect to see if if I look at this supernova Leigh
  10. Well after a few months ownership of my 8"dob I found M81/82 last night. They really are faint fuzzies. Used a book called left turn at Orion to help me star hope there. Stayed up until 1am (kept the mrs up too for her to see) I've read that with an 8" scope you can barely make out the spiral arms. I could barely see the galaxies themselves. What would help me with this. Higher or lower mag EP's ? I'm just about to order a 5.5mm and a 32mm EP but have read recently about 12/13mm EP's and how good they can be. Any thoughts / advice for me would be much appreciated Leigh
  11. Hi Rob. Welcom to the forum. Leigh


    Hi and welcome Leigh


    Hi and welcome. I have a 200p dob. Brilliant scope. You won't regret it Leigh


    I took an amazing photo of the moon by holding my iPhone up to the EP the other night. Very impressive and surprising results. Leigh
  15. When one door closes. Another will open ..... Leigh
  16. M57 is brilliant. Was my first DSO and find myself always going back to it. Leigh

    hello !

    Hi from Liverpool. Welcome to the forum. Leigh
  18. Thanks for your post. Definitely give me a lot to consider and potentially saved me a lot of money. I can't believe that those EP's are so big and weigh so much. Thought they would have been equivalent to the ones that came with my scope. Just serves to re-enforce that fact that I'm still a novice. Thanks again Leigh
  19. Wow. I didn't even think about the size / weight of the EP. I've got A 2"inch EP adaptor that cane with the scope. Would that help or would the above weight / balance issues still apply. Surely people who have the same scope as me have these EP's. I've seen a photo on another thread of some sort of adaptor that's secures the EP in place. Would this help. I really appreciate your advice guys. I'm new to this and the last thing I want to do is waste my pennies. Leigh
  20. Ah man.... Now you have thrown a third one in the mix. I'd sort of settled on the Meade. Is there much difference between the Meade and skywatcher ? Leigh
  21. I like your logic. A take away sounds good. I started thinking about which EP to get. Now I'm thinking about Indian or Chinese. Leigh
  22. Meade 5000 Series 32mm Super Plossl Eyepiece 2" (£89.99) Or TeleVue 32mm Plossl Eyepiece 1.25" (£106.99) Looking for the best one for DSO's What is the benefit between 1.25" and 2" ? Thanks guys Leigh
  23. Wow. Thanks guys. Some very good advice and suggestions. I'll be sure to let you know when I have some sucsess based on your suggestions. Kind regards Leigh
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