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  1. The best fun you can have on your own? Its a tough one to beat
  2. Crackly skies with the odd eyeball to the moon- little point in getting the scope out but managed something pretty pathetic with the camera. Oh well, there;'s always tomorrow!
  3. I find being warm of prime importance- those reusable hand warmers and hot drinks make a huge difference. I have a chair to sit more comfortably at my dob, less neck ache means longer at the eye piece. Clear skies! Vicky
  4. Isn't it worth contacting Granada Reports or North West Tonight? - they both have facebook groups and might well be interested in publicising your plight. Worth a try I'd have thought, more likely someone local getting offered the gear will realise what it is etc. Just a thought. Best wishes Vicky
  5. In the same vein as the 'new equipment= cloud' correlation, I'm wondering if a spike in members joining the cloud appreciation society might equate to some clear nights....
  6. What a horrible thing to hear about, hoping your unique items show up and point the police in the direction of the idiots who did this. I feel for you- seems nothing is sacred any more. Best wishes, Vicky
  7. LOL James- no, not peaches Sainsbury's - Tu Star Print 2-piece Pyjama Set with Socks customer reviews - product reviews - read top consumer ratings Oops, they say no longer available! They only arrived in my local store a week or two ago!
  8. I'd understand Stuart if you got her a nice new OTA and mount, for her to do some imaging or to keep you company out in the cold- but a pair of innocent PJs? She can't fail to be impressed... can she? Go for it Alan
  9. I got some really nice PJs today in Sainsburys, very comfy, pretty and have lots of lovely stars on the bottoms: Tu Star Print 2-piece Pyjama Set with Socks - For her - Gifting - Christmas & gifts - Home & garden - Sainsbury’s Just thought I'd mention it as a possible gift for crimbo Best wishes Vicky
  10. Greetings Hinch, welcome from another fellow Lancastrian! I haven't made it over to Tod as yet but hope to at some point, I hear its fantastic
  11. Hiya, As much as I would like to adapt my Dob for solar viewing I'm not sure I could ever get over the idea of putting my eye to the eyepiece, as safe as it may be- so I'm debating about buying a solar projector of some kind. I saw a cardboard type projector thing at an event a cuople of months ago and wonder if they are any good - would I be able to see a transiting planet in one, say? (or ISS?) I think I'm expecting too much to see more than the largest of sun spots but I still think it might be worth a loo- depending on what they cost Does anyone have one and can give me a mini-review, equally where might I purchase such an item? Best wishes Vicky
  12. Just seen this thread, has anything come of it?
  13. Its because I have my OU astronomy exam tomorrow and need an early night- I'm probably missing the clearest, darkest and best stargazing night since I got the scope in the spring!!!
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