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  1. Thanks RobH for pointing me towards that scope... Advanced Series GOTO - Celestron C10-N GT (GOTO) £500 second hand seems very good to me (Even though im going to be eating beans on toast for the rest of the month!) so I think im sold there. It is over my budget but it looks just what im after. Thanks for all your replies and the warm welcome. I suppose i best stop oggling 'scopes and do a bit of work, 03.37am..........roll on 6am!
  2. Ive found a SkyWatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 200mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope Second hand for £300, bang on budget for me and uprgradeability with the mount. Am i right in thinking this looks ideal?
  3. The reason im sceptical of the Go-To's is I hate the idea of being an "All the gear and no idea" astronomer, It's much more than looking through a tube at a pretty picture, if i wanted that all i need to do is go on the hubble or spitzer sites!
  4. Sorry not the 6SE, It would be the 4SE from new or if I Could find a decent second hand 5SE maybe that.
  5. I was looking at a Celestron NexStar 6SE, my thinking this would last me a lot longer, also for those lazy nights when I can "Cheat" so to speak. Are these worth it or would I not be getting much viewing capabilities for my cash? NexStar SE Computerized Telescopes / Telescopes / Products / Celestron.com
  6. Ok I've been looking at the Skyliner 200P, im a little confused as to the mount. Is it as shown, a flat base without a tripod? Also, second hand.....am i right in thinking I should steer clear of this field, yes I want "bite for my buck", No I dont want scratches on my lenses.
  7. My thoughts exactly on the Dob front, and you quite right about the "Bite for my buck" statement, I'm not looking for motor controls right now so I would sooner the extra money go on viewing capabilities.
  8. Eyup folks! Congratulations to me on my first post (on ANY forum EVER may I add!). Ive been a reader of the forum for some time now so I thought i's take the dive finally. Alas i'm in need of advice much the same as most first time posters, and as you can from my signature im currently a scopeless astronomer! I decided to do things the "Proper way" and start out with charts, books and what god gave me, but now I NEED MORE! My very first scope to be precise, now I've been doing a lot of research over the past few weeks and have read a hell of a lot of the posts here, but I thought I would be more precise and tell you what i'm really after in a scope, highlighted in Green. NOT A GO-TO!!! I didn't learn to drive in an automatic so im not going to learn to navigate the stars with one either! I'm more fascinated with the DEEP SKY objects out there so this has to be taken into consideration, and also it won't be used for Astrophotography, this will come at a later date as will filters, tracking motors, super sexy mounts with all singing all dancing coffee making capabilities. So basically I have roughly £300 for a decent deep sky scope and mount thats going to keep me entertained for about the next......year or so. Thank's for anyone who takes the time to read my ramblings, and I look forward to hearing from you! (P.S, Im not sure if any of you go to Rosliston Astronomy Club, I will be coming down to see you guys one friday soon, It was going to be tonight but I'm a sucker for a bit of overtime, but I'ts paid for my first scope so I'm not complaining)
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