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  1. Thanks for that interesting site. Which particular trigger-grip ball-head is shown in your photograph?
  2. I have just recieved my Opticron 11 x 80 binoculars and had my first view through them last night. It was obvious after the first 5 minutes that I could not hold them still enough to have a chance of seeing much. Granted I had consumed a good few beers but I don't think even a sober grip would help that much. I have been looking around at the various tripod, monopod and head mount options available. Annoyingly must of the advice relates to photography. I really like the idea of a monopd for portability and speed of set up but after last night I am concerned if they would provide a still enough view? Secondly, can anyone recommend a particulary head mount?
  3. Well my Opticron 11x80 arrived today from FLO. One word - BIG. As decreed by the Gods upon all new astronomy purchases, 400 tonnes of cloud has settle in above me. They weigh about 2.5kg which, although it doesn't sound much, this evenings observations of the area most distant TV aerials has provedI won't be able to hold them steady for long when it comes to looking at the stars. Looking at getting a monopod. This will require yet more researchto find the most suitable mount head. Although I haven't seen the sky yet I have enjoyed the clarity of views of various trees and birds I have managed to spot.
  4. Well after a discussion with FLO I have gone for the Opticron Observation 11x80 Porroprism. Should be with me in a few days. I have a Celestron 6SE which I find excellent but I am looking forward to something I can take anywhere I go and use without having to mess about setting up. Its about time I increase my knowledge of the sky too. Thanks for everyone's help.
  5. Ok, thanks for the advice. I am going to go for the Helios Quantum 4 binoculars 10 x 60. These weigh 1.37kg so hopefully light enough to hold and reasonably priced at £112.
  6. As I am scanning the net the weight and shear physical size is potentially a problem. I an now wondering if I would get better use out of the Cannon 10 x 30 image stabilsing binos. I know there have greatly decreased appature, but they appear to offer the potential of being used as a handheld device. I suppose the question is really, is 10 x 30 suitable for astronomical viewing?
  7. Would the 25 x 100 be any use at all for terrestial viewing? Would it be possible to use them for astomomy without a triopod?
  8. Hi all, I have just returned from a holiday in France for which I purchased a 80mm refractor. Due to Ryanair's ridiculous luggage allowance leading me to leave certain of items at home I inadvertently left my finder scope behind. I gave up trying to polar align and was quickly acquainted with the hell of trying to manually find objects with an equatorial mount. Total failure. I am going away later on in the year and would like to try a pair off binoculars. Looking at a budget of around £300 + some additional cash for a tripod. What would people recommend? I have been looking at the: Opticron Observation 11x80 Porroprism and the Helios Quantum 4 binoculars 25 x 100 Any thoughts? SOmething else I should consider?
  9. Hi all, does anyone have any experience of the above telescope? I am thinking of upgrading to this from my 6SE. Is it manageable for a single person to set up? Is it worth spending the extra cash over the 10 inch version?
  10. Yes thanks, that keeps the EQ6 in the running! However I have watching some youtibe videos on polar aligning the EQ6 and don't think I hae the patients for that. I am still tending towards the Meade LX90 but am concerned it my suffer from the same failing gears issue as the etx models.
  11. So does anyone have any experience of the 12" LX90? Can you assemble it on your own? Does it need to see the north to align? Can I carry out astrophotography with it? What about getting the Skywatcher EQ6 mount - does it need to see Polaris to align? Can I mount my 6SE tube to it?
  12. I fully take your point regarding location and light pollution. Unfortunately I do not have transport and I enjoy the convenience of just plonking my scope on the balcony whenever I fancy it. Just looking around now and wondering if I would be better off getting an EQ6 with a 80mm APO so at least I could have a go at some AP on my balcony, and get a little portable tripod so I can use my APO whilst out and about.
  13. I have no problem aligning with the 6SE, its a great 'scope, I just want something bigger! I have just seen I can get the Meade LX200 10inch ACF OTA with the Skywatcher EQ6 Pro. Any comments on this configuration? Does the EQ6 Pro need to see north to align itself? Any good for AP?
  14. Any thoughts of these 2 options? Is there anything else I should consider bearing in mind my restricted viewing location?
  15. Sorry, just to clarify: is 1333mm the radius of the extend tri-pod legs?
  16. Forgot to say ask, can anyone tell me the radius of the LX90 and skywatcher EQ6 tripod legs when extended? I have a limited footprint on my balcony. thanks
  17. Hi all, Currently think of upgrading from my Celestron 6SE. Nothing wrong with the scope at all, just struck with appature fever. I am currently looking at the 12" Meade LX90, but I have just though I could do a 2 stage upgrade approach and fo for the Skywatcher 6EQ mount and stick with my 6" OPA to carry out some astro photography, then look at going large with a bigger OTA at a later date. Trouble is, my viewing location is far less than idea. I am in a second floor flat with a balcony. The balcony is on the corner of the building so it actuall afford me about 270 degrees of the sky, but crucially no view of the north (could be an issue with certain alignment systems as I can never see Polaris). I suppose my questions are: Does anyone have any experience of the 12" LX90 and what do theyy think of it? Can you assemble it on your own? Does it need to see the north to align? Can I carry out astrophotography with it? What about getting the Skywatcher EQ6 mount - does it need to see Polaris to align? Can I mount my 6SE tube to it? I would like to get at least a 12 inch tube on it eventually, but guess a standard Newtonian is out due to restricted space on my balcony. My primary aim is visual use, but some photography would be a bonus. Also is 12" big enough for me to make out spiral structures in any galaxies? I have moderate to bad light pollution to contend with? Many thanks in advance
  18. I currenty have a 6" SCT what would be the visual and imaging comparison between this and say an 80mm apo?
  19. Yet another stupid question from my semingly endless supply, but I notice a lot of people have invested in a apochromatic telescope. These appear to be pretty poor value in terms of aperture per £, yet people buy and rave about them. I have read that a refractor produces excellent views of planets, but for the money you could get an 8" or 10" reflector. Is the apo as good as an 8" or 10" reflector on planets? I understand that portability is potentially a big consideration. Also if I was to elect to buy a 80mm apo, surely any DSOs are out of the question? I am confuzzed!
  20. What is the optical (observed) effect of a focal reducer?
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