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  1. SpikeyB

    Hello from me

    Thanks all, @ Sevs23 Not had it for long but so far so good, It had to stay in the box for about 3 weeks as there were no clear skies. Still very glad i bought it. Not sure what else is out there. Be interested in lenses for it though the two I have are good enough but I'd like some better ones. Thanks for the for the link to find the clubs too.
  2. Thanks for posting them great links went through and learnt alot from them and have an idea on where to go next on the learning curve. Bookmarked for future thanks again.
  3. SpikeyB

    Hello from me

    Thank you for the welcomes all. @Old Glyn not sure if there are any clubs in my area but something I would like to find out. If any who read this know of any in south east kent or a place which lists the clubs pls let me know.
  4. SpikeyB

    Hello from me

    Hi, Just joined S.G.L and thought I'd say a few things about myself. I've allways loved space since I was a kid and recently bought a Skywatcher Evostar refractor hopeing to see more of what's out there. Nearly got the hang of my scope but due to light pollution in my area it kinda cuts down what the scope can do I think. But... so far I managed to see Jupiter and Saturn and of course the Moon and I was amazed even more... to see the planets in programs like "The Universe" to mention one is nice but to actually see them for myself. Wow.. I would like to know more of what my scope can do as well as what lenses and helpful equipment I can get. Also start to speak to more people that have the same interest with alot more experiance so here I am. time to read up
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