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  1. I'm looking at buying a Celestron AVX with either 9.25 or 8 OTA, but am worried about being able to handle the weight of the 9.25 (9.07kgs). It's 3.5kgs heavier than the C8, and I'd be assembling and taking apart each evening to/from the garage. The difference in weight doesn't sound much, but I do have a very weak left shoulder so would like to know how easy it is to mount the OTA. For example does it have handles to help - can't see any on the photos from Celestron's website. Many thanks
  2. Thanks everyone. I hadn't realised that there was a seperate DIY Observatory section. Apologies for not checking but thanks for the links...
  3. Thanks Steve - most useful. Out of interest do you have a concrete base in the shed or did you install a concreted pillar and a wooden floor around it? Mike
  4. I'm getting to the stage where I'm thinking of a permanent observatory (maybe 8' x 6') and have looked at wooden sheds with slide-off roofs, but don't particularly want to extend the area of the shed by a further 8' to accommodate the poles to enable the roof to slide. And I'm not keen on the plastic dome type. Has anyone come up with an answer that avoids sliding the whole 8' x 6' roof off onto the extended pole supports (a folding roof maybe?). I somehow doubt it - but just in case..
  5. Forgive a very naive question from a raw newcomer but I'm looking at upgrading my ETX125 with a Celestron C800, but I'd prefer to mount it on a NEQ6 mount. The C800 OTA appears to come with a dovetail mount for a Celestron C5 - but how would I adapt it to fit a NEQ6? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies! I've just noticed that the weight of the Celestron CGEM 925 is 51kgs!! But presumably it can easily be "taken apart" and re-assembled without too much of a hassle. And presumably the heaviest item would be reasonably easy to carry? Would this also apply to the 1100 when in 'bits'? Thanks again....
  7. I'm wanting to upgrade from my Meade ETX125 and would like either an 8" or 9.25" Celestron SCT but it needs to be reasonably portable from garage to garden (no observatory). I also want it on a mount that I can also use in the future for maybe a smaller refractor for astrophotography. But would I be right in assuming that a fork-mounted scope of this size is better than one with counter-weights? Probably very naive question but presumably the mount for a fork-mounted scope is specific to that scope and couldn't be used for a smaller refractor? As you can see I'm very much a beginner! Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies. I've decided against filters for binoculars and gone for a solar filter for my Meade ETX125. All I have to do now is wait for the winds to drop and for some sun. Not much of it lately on the Isle of Man!
  9. Totally agree with your comments. I've just found online some Orion solar filters to fit 80mm binoculars £134 for the pair!), because I don't want to risk using any form of 'film'. But no luck with anything for 70mm.
  10. Peter I think I've cracked it! I've downloaded it again (this time on my PC) and there's the "exe" file in all its glory. I've just bought a new laptop (which is where I've been trying to open Avistack) - and I think the problem was that I don't have a Zip unloader program yet for the laptop. This is why it's showing the file as Avistack2. sav on the laptop; no "exe" file. So all is sorted. Many thanks for your patience and help.
  11. This is really strange. There's no "exe" file, and I've tried downloading with IE (I normally use Firefox) and still the same problem. The only major file after unzipping is avistack2.sav - and I can't open it; the system can't find a way of opening it. This is the first time I've had problems like this . No difficulties with other downloaded software. Very odd - but thanks for your help
  12. How bizarre. I've just downloaded again - Avistack2 - and opened the zip file and there's no "exe" file! There's a collection of files such as IDL70, settings, Avistack2 (36kb) and the biggest is avistack2.sav (4511KB) - but no "exe"! Never mind - I'll stick with Registax....
  13. Does anyone have any recommendations for solar filters for my Celestron 15x70 binoculars. I obviously want to avoid anything that has the risk of falling off - so all ideas welcome. Thanks
  14. I read in one of the posts that Avistack stacking software performed better than Registax, so I've downloaded a copy onlly to find that I can't find a way of opening it! There doesn't seem to be an "exe" file. It looks as if a file called avistack_sav should be doing something, but I can't open it! I'm using Windows7. Any help gratefully welcomed.
  15. I keep my ETX125 in the garage covered by a sheet - and have made my own dew shield out of a piece of 'solid' foam used for putting below sleeping bags!. It's the thin type of foam (roughly 1cm thick). Paint one side black and then tie it round the scope with an elastic band. It works perfectly...
  16. Please forgive me for mentioning this if you are already aware - but the NASA website "Eyes on the Solar System" is simply amazing. The address is: Eyes on the Solar System and it gives the chance of navigating around the cosmos, exploring in real time, and using real NASA data. The graphics and the manipulation are stunning!
  17. Thanks for your comments and advice. I'll probably go with the Meade - and grateful for your responses......
  18. Thanks very much for the replies - really helpful!
  19. I'm looking to buy a decent 9 or 10mm eyepiece for my ETX125 and I'm impressed with my Meade 5000 UWA 18mm eyepice, but wondering whether the Nagler Type 6 9mm is worth the extra £80 ish. Graetful for any thoughts.
  20. "Debut video capture" software (free) Video Capture Software. Video, Webcam or Screen Recorder or "VLounge" software - from Phillips
  21. Is there an electrical focussing attachment for the ETX125 that avoids rocking the scope with the manual knob? It's also tricky adjusting focus when the scope is nearly vertical; because the adjuster is very difficult to reach when vertical. I've googled extensively and can only find reference to the smaller ETX's. Thanks
  22. I'm thinking of buying an 8" Celstron CGEM SCT, but would also like to plan in the future for a Skywatcher Evostar refractor. Would I be able to use the Evostar on the CGEM mount? Thanks
  23. No doubt a very naive question but if I buy an 8" CGEM SCT and mount would I be able to use this mount for a Skywatcher Evostar refractor? Thanks
  24. Maybe a naive question but I'm looking to buy the largest SCT and mount (HEQ5 pro?) that I'd be able to carry in out of my garage reasonably easily (where it would be kept). I've currently got a Meade ETX125 but I'd love to aim for a 9" aperture, but maybe something of this size is really designed for a fixed position in an observatory. Grateful for any advice. Many thanks
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