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  1. is it best to get a pre flashed one or get the one that hasnt been flashed. what i am saying is basically is it difficult to do the flash yourself
  2. sounds like some of you had some bad luck with the clouds. luckily when i viewed jupiter at just past midnight there was no cloud. this makes a change as to be honest since i bought the scope in june i have probably managed to use it less than 10 times
  3. yes i agree. saturn was very good but jupiter is the better planet to look at even through a small scope like the one i have. very tempted to stay up late tonight but no doubt the clouds will roll in again
  4. have to agree, definetly the best night viewing i had too and seeing jupiter for the first time was the icing on the cake
  5. i have a sw130 and i agree that the mount does wobble a little bit. having spent what i did on the mount and scope i didnt expect a super stable platform for the scope. i think it is a very good scope and i am glad i purchased it
  6. i saw jupiter for the first time last night and it was well worth the wait. the word "wow" came out of my lips when i first came across it with the 25mm ep. after popping the barlow and 10mm ep in, the wow became even bigger. cant wait to get out there and look again
  7. i have a skywatcher 130 and i went for it as it was the largest telescope i could afford at the time. i couldnt get a dob as i have a storage issue especially with the base. i am planning on keeping mine for a while and then maybe thinking about a serious upgrade, to what i dont know yet
  8. I have a sw130 and i have to agree with dropping the goto mount and going for the largest dob you can afford
  9. thanks for that. think i will get one ordered as looking on the net for one was doing my head in. thanks for the info
  10. i take it morgan are a reliable company to buy from?
  11. must admit i agree with you on the mount issue. think in a few months i will look at upgrading myself. thanks for the advice on the eyepieces aswell
  12. thanks for that. i am having some great views with the scope, just wish all this cloud will stay away but may have to rely on the good old cold winter nights
  13. Have looked at the celestron eyepiece kit,any good?
  14. Hi all,just wondering where you can get a ccd webcam from. All I can see for sale are CMOS chipped webcams. Are these any good for imaging the moon and planets or should I hunt for a ccd chipped webcam
  15. Thanks everyone. I thought I would ask the question about eyepieces as due to the cloud I have got bored and have read the manual a few times so I needed something else to occupy my mind. I shall be buying some extra eyepieces but it won't be for a while as I need to get used to the scope I think I have got a fair idea what to get now so thanks for all the advice
  16. Hi,I have recently purchased a skywatcher 130 and it has come with the bog standard eyepieces,10mm,25mm and barlow. I have read the thread on the eyepieces but what additional eyepieces would someone recommend and in particular those who have or do own a 130
  17. Well the scope arrived and after the cloud cleared I have finally managed to get out and have a look. My first target was Saturn and this was easily found using the 25mm eyepiece and yes what a sight,amazing the first time you see it with your own eyes. I popped in the 2x Barlow and managed to get a better view along with at least one moon. Hopefully will start finding some other objects now to look at although will keep revisiting Saturn A question about eyepieces now. I have the supplied 10mm,25mm and 2xbarlow. What other eyepieces should I consider
  18. bit of an update. have now re-ordered a scope and have gone for the non motorised version of the skywatcher 130. have to again say, first class service from flo and in particular james. would like to say thankyou publicly to them. i could have got the actual scope i wanted from a different company but due to the service received from flo i felt that i didnt want to go elsewhere. fingers crossed that the scope arrives ok and have some clear skies later in the week
  19. Well,the scope arrived today and full of excitement I opened the boxes and found that the tube had a big dent in it so it has gone straight back in the box. Email sent to flo asking what to do,now don't know what to do as the 130 is out of stock until at least august,frustrated is one word I could use
  20. got to say, brill service from flo. was emailed by james to say that the sw130p is out of stock until august and was then offered a different product. i have now ordered the 130m and it should arrive on monday so no doubt there will be loads of clouds etc
  21. hopefully it should be ok. got to say though, great response from FLO though, thanks James
  22. bad news. 130p is out of stock till august but have been offered a 130m instead which i have agreed to
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