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  1. I am in Edinburgh area. Okay, so I spent a bit of time with the scope and now have it sorted, I find somethiong with finderscope and can then see it through main scope. I have found the starts and satur.... i think though, to be honest that the scope is just rubbish. What is the best to view Saturn with out of my eyepieces??? 25,12.5 or 4mm. They all seem pretty rubbish and i cant get the slightest bit of detail and im pretty sure i have focusing correct etc. When I used the 12.5 I thought i got a slight glimpse of the rings and assumed if I then used the 4mm that I would defo be able to see them but when I put that in it wasnt any better. (the rings could have just been my eyes playing tricks butr I dont think so.
  2. well defo dont get a national geographic newtonian. I got mine all properly et up today and managed to find saturn quite easily but by the time i used my 4mm sight i still couldnt see even the slightest hint of a ring.
  3. just noticed you had put a budget up... dont know how i missed that sorry
  4. Dont get the argos newtonian Nat Geo one.... I bought it and its okay but not worrth it. I dont know too much about them as I am only new but usually the guys on here ask for your budget so they can tell you best one for price you are willing to spend.
  5. I juat dont get it. Its obviousl to even people with half a brain that an ELE will happen at some point and we are never going to be ready for it... The thing is, the universe is so large that I cannot understand why we are so persistent on staying on this rock. It reminds me of prisoners that have been institutionalised, get freed and leave just to go back to prison again. All that freedom and they dont know what to do with it. (i realise i have bad spelling) And I am in Scotland so not sure about voting for you lol
  6. I have actually been on one of the other threads where you are offering to sign your books for people lol. I have a big interest in sci fi... especially doctor who (obviously lol). Im in the process of writing a book myself, was considering starting up a section for people to bounce book ideas off of each other on this forum.
  7. NO WAAYYY!!!!! To be honest though I would rather the flight into space than the money... that would have been awesome. Its amazing, we seem to be going backwards with everything nowadays. Concorde????? Now Shuttles. What next? cars and jets? What ever happened to moon colonies etc lol.
  8. does anybody know of any astronomy clubs near livingston?
  9. well, that makes more sense than the theory that space is getting too dangerous due to nibiru...lol and such like lol.
  10. Hi there, I have just been reading a thread about shuttles and read that they are doing no more missions.... Why is this????
  11. i want to at least see through a good scope... never have. any astronomy clubs in livingston area??
  12. I have no issue with Monty pulling the wool over our eyes.... id do the same for my book. Well tbh id prob just ask but thats coz i know you are all nice lol. Onyhoos, is there a section for this type of thing where writers can bounce ideas off of each other as i will probably need some help with my book. Mostly scifi but would like some truth in it (or thoretical physics should I say). Its a Doctor who book and have the base storyline and first chapter finished but will defo need help with a few things... it would be great to start something up????? What you guys think? Duncan
  13. blue peter job???? how do i do that lol
  14. First of all thanks for all the comments and i will reply to them all the now lol. I didnt know there was beginners section as only joined forum yesterday but will have a look and if i have any more questions then i will be sure to post them there. It has screws for adjusting the small mirror yes, not sure about primary, will have to look. I realise its not the best and just got that one because of price etc (if i had known about this other one £130 one then i would defo have gone with it lol) If I enjoy looking @ stars etc (and im sure i will) then i will most certainly get a better scope. As far as weighing it down i think its the scope that is not right rather than the tripod (screws holding it to stand and the other one for securing it). As for the eyepieces, to be honest it think they are cheap and useless lol. Doesnt say anything on them apart from size..... 20mm,12.5mm and 4mm. And no i am not offended by you saying my telescope is rubbish, i am sure i will find that out anyway and then sell and buy better lol.
  15. it is essentially the same except my finder scope is a bit larger ans little things like that
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