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  1. Cheers rowan, yes that's the one. Now I just need to know which drive. Thanks friend, Paul
  2. I have a Skywatcher 150p which came with a tripod and mount for about £200. I'm not sure what the mount is, and can't find the name anywhere. I think it's likely to be an EQ3 but as I would like to buy a motor drive I thought it would be better to be sure. Is the name somewhere that I haven't found or a way to tell what it is or perhaps I don't need to know ( are motor drives universal?) Thanks in advance. Paul
  3. Many thanks one and all. I took the plunge and bought a 1000d body + battery, charger and strap from Latvia (believe it or not) via Ebay for £115. It has just 1333 clicks on it and it is immaculate! I think I got a pretty good deal. Now, where's that manual ...? Cheers, Paul
  4. Many thanks to you all. It seems Canon is favourite with a slight leaning to the 1000d for it's live facility. I think this is the one I will be looking for and as it sounds like I might get one for under £200 then I might have a little left over for extras. Once again, many thanks. I'm sure I'll be back to ask you all - "Now I've got a camera, how do I....blah blah." Thanks to Stargazers Lounge for a great forum, which, of course, is only as good as its members.
  5. Is there a guide anywhere for a first time buyer. I have a limited amount of cash to spend and would like to know what is the minimum I would need to start. I'm not a big fan of second hand or Ebay but I'm open to persuation. Thanks in advance. Skywatcher 150p
  6. Has anyone an opinion on electric focusers? Should I consider (at much greater cost) a dual speed focuser instead. My problem is scope vibration due to manual clumsiness which makes me think the remote focuser would be a better option. 150p on eq3-2
  7. Has anyone any experience of the HP 1080p webcam HD4110. Specs are: 1280 x 720 with 13 megapixell stills. At £34 (PC World) this seems a much better deal than the Microsoft HD Lifecam but would it need complicated surgery to adapt it to scope work.
  8. Is there any way of storing exposures from a ccd other than laptop. I'm thinking of perhaps a smartphone with a big memory card. The information could then be transfered to my desktop for working on. I'm trying to avoid spending money on a laptop or notepad which could be put to better use on eyepieces etc.
  9. Where can I get those servers? I'd like to have a go at the DIY
  10. Thanks guys. Obviously a better quality focuser and a hands free system is the best option but the hands free solves my immediate problem. Clever idea the battery free setup. Shouldn't there be a special page for these great tips... or is this it?
  11. After getting annoyed with my clumsy hands shaking the scope when focusing I've been wondering how much improvement there'd be with a better quality focuser. On searching I saw a hands free focuser for £45. This seems like a great idea and a lot cheaper than a new Crayford, but you know the old saying.... "when something looks too good to be true, it usually is". How good are these devices. Will it work satisfactorily with the basic focuser on my Skywatcher 150p or will I end up having to get a decent Crayford as well. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks guys.... I took the plunge and bought a 6.2mm superplossl, not had chance to try it yet. I have a x2 Barlow and I may buy a x3 which gives me quite a good range of eyepieces.
  13. Could anyone suggest options for my first filters. I need moon and planet filters but there are so many to choose from. If you could recommend a couple of "essentials" at reasonable prices I'd be very grateful.
  14. What would you recommend as the highest practical power eyepiece fop use with a Skywatcher 150p Reflector. Any suggestions as to make and price of a resonable quality specimen of same. I have a 9mm plossl and have had a wonderful views of Jupiter and the moon in my first few attempts but, of course, I immediately want to see more more more detail Thanks
  15. What are the advantages of 2" eyepieces, and how much for reasonable quality ones. Skywatcher Explorer 150p
  16. Thanks for the link, it's brilliant. I agree it should be stickied.
  17. Is there a video anywhere of assembling an EQ3 mount onto tripod preferably with a 150p. The parts in the manual don't look the same as in my hand.
  18. Thanks guys, It looks like a netbook will do the job then - and a lot cheaper than an otherwise unneccesary laptop. As it happens.... I am a spark (in the tradesman sense) so no problems there. Many thanks, (that's a few each folks) Paul
  19. I'm hoping to get into astrophotography with my Skywatcher Exp 150p using a webcam. What is the minimum requirement computer-wise for capturing the images. I have two desk tops suitable for manipulation software, just want something to take outside to record as it were. Has anyone tried a very long USB lead? Would it work?
  20. I've got a pair just like this. I was going to dump them until one day, by accident, I tried them the wrong way round. You won't believe this but .... they were actually better!!! I know it sounds crazy. Try it - just don't let anyone see you or you'll look a real fool.
  21. Are any of the filter "box sets" any good? Would it be better to buy individual filters and build a set. I'm a newcomer so I'm still general astronomising. What filters should be on the priority list?
  22. Thanks Neil. I can see that fixing the camera directly to the scope would give much better results. How "cheap" are these ccd webcams. (I was also thinking that the camcorder at £40 may come in handy for future epics starring my granddaughter). I'm trying to kill two birds with one economy stone as usual.
  23. I read an article about stacking multiple shots to increase definition, a ten second burst giving 250 frames. With the right software the frames from a camcorder can be selected individually and stacked giving a long focus facsimile. Or am I completely wrong? The cam seems to be a cheap alternative to a digital camera. The cam I'm talking about has webcam facility.
  24. Any recommendations for a camcorder to go with Skywatcher exp 150p. I've been offered a Vivitar 925 cheap but I've really not much idea how suitable it would be. Any help would be appreciated, Paul
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