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  1. Lovely hi-res. images Malcolm. Good to see the results from two filters shown in comparison. Stu.
  2. Great presentation of the detail features Andre. Stu.
  3. You're lucky Mark. I managed 1/2 an AVI and then the clouds rolled in!! Great mosaic.....again. I still have much to learn. Stu.
  4. Superb Mark. Particularly the full disk. Stu.
  5. Kev, the animations look great. I'm looking forward to seeing your first major solar event captured for posterity! Cheers Stu.
  6. Both look great Helen. B/W maybe has the edge. Nice full disc shot there! Stu.
  7. Thanks Mark. Seeing wasn't great. I've sinced processed an AVI of the same region taken a little earlier in the day, which shows some additional detail and contrast. Still working on processing! I tried 'flat fielding' as we have discussed previously, but made a complete mess of it, so more practice needed there. I couldn't find a region that was sufficiently blank to create the flat reference and ended up with blotches. Maybe next time... Regards Stu.
  8. Vixen/PST hybrid, BF15, DMK41. Some nice activity. Stu.
  9. Lovely images yet again Sheri and beautiful presentation of many solar features over the two wavelengths. I also agree with your comments on the rewards of solar astronomy! Regards Stu.
  10. Ditto.....Very nice image Paul. Lovely capture of the loop prominence! Stu.
  11. HDR imaging might help. I guess this is what Kev is refering to as well. This is something that I'd like to experiment with at some stage, as I think there is some potential with this technique. Stu.
  12. Great images Kev. Good thread with interesting info. Thanks Guys. Stu.
  13. Hi Mark, Yes, this is a Vixen 80/PST hybrid, but with the BF5, using a machined adapter. As you surmised, this particular image was taken using a barlow. Regards Stu
  14. Very nice work Kev. You have such a lot of patience!! Love the full disc combo. with proms. Stu.
  15. Hi Gordon, I'm using much the same mod except that I'm using the original BF5 and a DMK41. I have also experienced the same as you with a 'white out' patch and some Newton's rings, but I find that tweaking the etalon, gamma and gain eventually gives a combination that minimises the effects. This can take a little time and practice. You may see on my recent post that things are now pretty well sorted except for a little darkening around the edges. For crisp images I was told that focus, focus, focus is the key, so I now take more time to get this spot on (I use the 200% view on the capture software and focus here before reverting back to 100 or 75%). Good seeing, of course, is also critical. Hope these ramblings help. Stu.
  16. Great combination shot Paul. These are tricky to pull off. Stu.
  17. Thanks for the comments guys. Ken, I'm still using the BF5 for now in a linear arrangement, but that will change shortly as I have a BF15 on order from the US. Can't wait. I'm assuming that things will sharpen up around the edges with this larger filter. Thanks again for your past advice. Mark, thanks for the information on 'flat fielding'. I'll give it a go next time I get the chance. This and the BF15 should help improve things. Tom, I agree with you on the monochrome, although I'd like to 'crack' colouring these types of images to achieve something more appealing. Regarding focus, I took the advice of Dave G on this forum who suggested that 'focus, focus, focus' was the key to his success, so I took some time to try to get this right. Conditions were kind as well; good seeing and light breeze. Cheers Stu.
  18. Finally some 'quality' sun this morning and time to capture a few AVI's. This is about the best one fom this morning's session which I've processed in monochrome and colour. I'm still optimising techniques and equipment...so, hints and tips welcome, as always. Stu.
  19. I see. Thanks for clarifying. Something else to try...... Regards Stu
  20. Hi Mark, On your Brierley Hill blogspot you mention the use of a flat field image to reduce artefacts (and enhance some detail). Excuse my ignorance, but for the 6 pane mosaic did you produce a flat field for each pane and then combine to make the whole disc image, or did you make the whole disc mosac first and then subtract a whole disc flat field from this? Thanks Stu
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