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  1. Old Sol is certainly busy!! Thanks for sharing, Mark. Stu.
  2. Lovely image again Mark. As you say, lots happening! Stu.
  3. Great animation Billy. Lots of hard work there! Stu.
  4. Nice shots Sheri. Beautiful filament detail captured in Ha. Stu
  5. Lovely shots. Nice detail with the double stack! Stu.
  6. Great Shot Alexandra. PST is working well! Stu.
  7. Lovely image. I remember the day well, but like many others I was disappointed and frustrated by cloud. Stu.
  8. Stunning detail. Fantastic image. Stu.
  9. Very nice images. CaK provides a wonderful alternative perpective to solar activity, much like white light and H-a in their own particular ways. I also prefer to see the limb darkening effect as you show in your images, which illustrates that the sun is a globe rather than a flat disk. In my opinion both images could maybe be a little brighter, but that is just my preference. Great shots nevertheless!! Maybe you could say a few more words on you setup? Regards Stu.
  10. Double stacking looks superb. Nice contrast and detail. Stu.
  11. Very nice image and lovely presentation. Great detail. Stu.
  12. Stunning images Alexandra! Congratulations on POW. Well deserved. Regards Stuart
  13. Thanks everyone. My ambition is to get some hi-res close ups of sunspots in both white light and H-alpha and possibly combine the two in Photoshop. Might make for an interesting view. Cheers Stu.
  14. Thanks for clarifying Gordon. Sounds like something to be attempted only as a last resort, which is where you were at! Now your equipment is sorted, the rest is probably down to image processing technique........ Regards Stu
  15. Very, very nice work Mark. Great detail in the full disk mosaic. Stu.
  16. Lovely work again Sheri. Great shots. Stu.
  17. Hi Gordon, Great to see things coming along. I'm curious to know what you did to the etalon and how it improved things. Love the animations. Stu.
  18. Like others here, relieved to see some sun at last and have time to image. White light with H-alpha inset for fun. Still work to be done.... Stu.
  19. Lovely white light image Alexandra. That's a nice piece of kit. Stu.
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