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  1. Thanks everyone. Alexandra, good luck with the P-HDR processing, remember this is not regular HDR, so we're not just selecting 'HDR' mode in Photoshop. I hope you find my notes helpful in my recent email. Getting the right end result can be tricky, but stick with it. Anweniel, the geometric forms come in this case from image processing (Registax) which I need to address. TamiyaCowboy, thanks for the tip. Great photos there. Regards Stu.
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments. The conditions we're not so good at the time, so I was pleased to just capture anything. The loop was a bonus and significant image processing has teased out something respectable. This is a home built 150mm scope with PST etalon, ISTAR objective, internal ERF and BF15. At the time I was ironing out a few wrinkles when I captured a few AVI's. Developments in P-HDR processing and flatfielding have also contributed to image improvements and I can highly recommend PixInsight. Here is another one from the same day. I'm less pleased with the result as there are still some vestiges of Registax 'stacking' evident, but again it is more a case of showcasing P-HDR. Stu.
  3. One from a couple of weeks ago. 150mm modified PST with 2.5X TeleVue Barlow. Processed with Registax, PixInsight and Photomatix (as you can see from the watermark ). Stu.
  4. For anyone interested, please send me a PM with email address and I'll send you a word file 'tutorial'. Regards Stu.
  5. Nice ones Cath. The beauty it that there are so many parameters to play with and the final colour combination can be completely suited to personal taste or, as you say, whatever it is you really want to highlight. I agree TamiyaCowboy, it is so easy to go too far and overcook these images. Green/brown, orange/red may be OK. It seems you are well accustomed to HDR. Thanks for your thoughts. Alexandra, stick with it. Your excellent solar images are a superb basis for this type of processing. Regards Stu.
  6. Very nice indeed. Lovely looped filament just above centre. Stu
  7. Lovely images Alexandra. Nice detail. Stu
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm sure there are any number of ways of doing this, or something similar (layering, selective masking etc etc....) and certainly there are a number of HDR packages available to trial. I'm open to hearing from anyone with good ideas as I think this is a fertile area for ideas exchange. I agree Olly, maybe green/brown is not to everyone's taste and I'm open to more experimentation to optimise. Again, thanks for the feedback. Regards Stu.
  9. Some of you may know from previous posts that I have been playing around with what I call 'pseudo-HDR' to try to achieve more dramatic colouration of our solar images. I've attached my own prom image treated using this technique and a superb image from Alexandra (Montana) which she has kindly allowed me to use for the purposes of demonstration. I used this in particular because of the spectacular level of detail that Alex has captured here. I've also shown for comparison Alexandra's original monochrome image, a coloured image using gamma adjustments and one using P-HDR in which I merge three separately coloured and 'levels' adjusted images together using HDR software. I'm sure there are other ways of achieving the same effect and it would be interesting if anyone else can offer guidance here. Thanks for looking. Feedback welcome. Cheers Stu.
  10. Lovely collection of images. Inverted CaK is an interesting twist. Stu.
  11. Excellent work Kev! Great animations, which remind us that the sun is dynamic and ever changing. Stu.
  12. Stunning, Jamie.....Excellent shot. Stu.
  13. Great images there Bizibilder. Nice detail. Stu.
  14. Very nice animation there. There's lots of work involved in producing these things! Regards Stu.
  15. NIce. You can just about make out the large loop filament from the larger spot extending over half way towards the group of small spots on the left as we see it from this angle. Regards Stu.
  16. Great images Kev. Are you using PixInsight processing software? Any hints on deconvolution settings (or is it hit and miss). Regards Stu
  17. Nice shots, even throught the haze. Stu.
  18. Nice work again Mark! Regards Stu.
  19. Nice one Kev. Maybe the end of a decaying loop filament thingy:) Stu.
  20. I'm going to have to try Pixinsight....... Great images Kev. Stu.
  21. Great pics there. PST is working well. Stu.
  22. Very nice images Mark. Lovely detail. Regards Stu.
  23. Excellent. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Great work. Stu.
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