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  1. Sorry im not sure if i understand this correct: Distance = f/l - Aperture/2 .... ??? Best Regards.
  2. Hello everyone! Some friends and i want to make our own solar telescope. We want to be finished before 2014, we have gathered a budget of about 400 Euro. At the momeent the plans are to make a newtonian telescope, as there are many guides and books about this already! None of us have ever tryed to build our own telescope so we have some questiens that we need answered. First of all! We are building a telescope for looking at the sun, so the aperture should be quite small?? We have some formulas, but still need to find out how to calculate, how far an eyepice needs to be away from the mirror in
  3. wow that m51 10 min sub looks better than my 2 hours worth of data with my 80ed. Nice start!!
  4. Thanks for your reply! I havent thought of Markarian's chain With small aperture i meant stuff like faint galaxies where you need a bigger aperture to collect the faint light faster
  5. Thanks for your anwser To little magnification for saturn and the moon :/ Dont know about double stars, but i imagine i'd need more magnification to split them. I was more looking for galaxies or nebulae.
  6. Hi, It looks like its gonna be clear tonight so i might go out and collect some light. Last time i imaged m51, the image was alright considering. But i found it a bit small. Now im looking for some objects on the nothern hemisphere that will not need a big apperture, nor a modded camera. The equipment im using: SW 80 Equinox 80ED Heq5 Pro Canon EOS 500d Regards Lukas
  7. Thanks for the comments Yea i know, but with nebulae im always in doubt. Ring nebula and dumbell are both quite small for a 80ed, but with other nebulae im not sure if the scope is big enough to get any good data with. I clearly need reflecting and emission nebulae since i dont have my camera modded. I will try one next time, which one i dont know yet I have thought about the double cluster and is also one of the objects i want this summer,
  8. Hi everyone, I was out collecting some light the day before yesturday. I got about 2 hours worth of data on m51. Sadly i forgot to switch to raw mode on the camera so the images were all in jpg. Anyway heres my go, i still need to practice on editing :S I had hoped for some more colors in the galaxy instead of just this one. http://www.flickr.com/photos/64648136@N05/7297897032/in/photostream SW Equinox 80ED, Heq5 Pro, Cannon Eos 500d. 45sec subs, total 1 hour 55 min 15 darks, 20 flats /Lukas
  9. I was out last night and made almost two hours worth of subs on m51, but when i woke up this morning i got to think about whether i set the image settings to raw.... Well i didnt, its jpg. Is it possible to get something out of jpg or is it a lost cause? /Lukas
  10. Awsome mosaic!! Cant believe the details you get. Compared to the trys i have had this is amazing!
  11. Thanks for the help guys. Nice Gina, good luck with your scope!
  12. Alright so its the diagnoal that causes the problem Good to know. Yea i have one already
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