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  1. Hi, just after some advice on what tripod to get for stargazing with these binoculars. They include a tripod adapter. I've seen some that extend to around 5ft for around £50 at Currys, but no idea if these are suitable for stargazing. I have a large tripod for my 8" reflector, and that's about all I know about tripods! I imagine I want something that's a trade between light weight for portability, and sturdiness for stability. Cheers James
  2. Ok, I think I need to be clearer. Do I get this: First Light Optics - T Rings or this: Kiwifotos Lens Mount Adapter: Allows T Mount Lenses to: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics for the Canon EOS 10D to attach to my 1.25" to T-mount piece from this GSO set: ScopeTeknix 7 part Photo-Visual eyepiece and accessory kit by GSO Thanks
  3. I've tried that with my iPhone and Panasonic Lumix and the results are ok, but unimpressive due to the slight movement. But I don't just want to do the moon, I want to do planets and DSOs, as mentioned.
  4. Thanks, but that site is hard to navigate. I found moon shots, but planets were webcam. Can you do planets and DSOs with that setup?
  5. Thanks for replying. The EOS 10D is an EF mount apparently. Is that different from the AF mount in that link? For example, should I get this instead? Kiwifotos Lens Mount Adapter: Allows T Mount Lenses to: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
  6. Never done astrophotgraphy before, but want to have a go. I've got a Konusky 200 Newt EQ5 with motor, and a Canon 10D to hand. I have a 1.25" to T-mount piece from this GSO set: ScopeTeknix 7 part Photo-Visual eyepiece and accessory kit by GSO so I now need to get a T-mount adapter, which isn't easy to find by the looks of it, without ordering from abroad. But before I spend, is it worth it? Will I be able to photograph anything worthwhile with this set up, like the moon, planets and DSOs? Thanks Boz
  7. Is there somewhere I can find out the rotation of Jupiter in terms of the big spot, the moons and when shadows are in transit? I too thought I was looking at a shadow, but it didn't seem to move quick enough, and it was there after 9pm on Saturday, so I assume it was a barge (although it looked very sharp, round and black). I've only got a 8" newt, with 9mm eyepiece, so couldn't be sure.
  8. All credit to Scope n Skies, a new 9mm was returned next day and works a charm. Boz
  9. Really stupid question, but what stops you just seeing the mirror down the eyepiece hole as your eye sees it, i.e. reflection of the tube walls, secondary mirror, spider vanes etc.? Surely you need a lens of some sort to focus to beyond the sky?
  10. Edit: just re-read Moonshine's reply and actually I think that answers my question, thanks anyway. One thing still not clear on. Are the faint DSOs that you can see now, e.g. M81, M82, going to be clearer on a clear dark night at the same sight, same scope etc.? Or same faintness only you can see more faint DSOs? I'm trying to guage what the improvement will be. Thanks
  11. This is all really good collimating advice, thanks!
  12. So if you have a Cheshire, do you need to use a cap and hole?
  13. Something I learned at the local astro Soc last night was that summer doesn't just bring later darkness, but less darkness even at the darkest hour of the night. I had assumed that although I might need to stay up later, I would still get dark skies, but the astro club explained with good slides how much less darkness you get in comparison to winter. The guy said "I feel sorry for those of you starting this hobby in May or June, as you don't see as much. So, having started in May, and seeing M81 and M82 galaxies faintly, and struggling to find any nebulae other than the Ring, am I going to be blown away by better viewing in Autumn/Winter? I.e. Are the DSOs more distinct, or the same and just some that weren't visible now will be? Boz
  14. So I went to the Reading Astro Soc last night and although no one else brought scopes, I did get confirmation that the scope is collimated well enough and a consensus of opinion that if all the other eyepieces work fine, then the double image of the 9mm must be a flaw. I need to double check the 40mm EP again, but I'll be sending the 9mm back. Boz
  15. Yes, I got the email for the RSA meet this weekend, and this is probably my best chance to get this sorted properly. Hopefully, it's just poor collimation and high power that's the problem! Thanks all, and I'll update you next week. Boz
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