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  1. To all in this thread- I'm sorry for not posting in here, but I do keep an eye on the thread. The things that come up are fascinating, and I'm keeping track. I just don't have anything intelligent to say in a reply due to my stupidity when it comes to physics. I've got my ELE down, and it works. Thank you all for your wonderful input! You've all been a great help, and I can't thank you enough for helping me. Monty
  2. Dan- If you want, I'll let you teach me physics? I didn't take physics, because I was told it had heavy math in it, and... well, I took Algebra II twice before I passed it and... well. I'm a writer, not a mathematician. So, when it comes to math, I am quite literally dumber than a box of rocks. BUT, if you want to try and teach me some physics, I will be a rapt student. If not, you can just feed me cool stuff for my story on the honor system, since I'm too Layman to really know if you're pulling my chain or not. Monty
  3. Alan- Makes perfect sense, I think. At least, it does until I stop reading. But, I'm exhausted at the moment, so I think I'll take another look in the morning with fresh eyes to see if I can make that understanding stick. Thanks!
  4. Well, MorningMajor, if I do get this published, which I am hoping to of course, I will be all for discounted signed copies! I'm not releasing any details of this book to many people, but when its in its final draft, I'll at least tell you what the book is actually about, the title, and some goodies about it. Right now, it is entitled "WIP #3" and I have the first chapter done, which is a whopping page and a half long in Word. Most of the information I need on the ELE has been given to me by Dan. And, here it is:
  5. Morning Major: I will be taking a close look at that link here in a few minutes, and I'll tell you what I think on that. It sounds quite interesting. I don't know about that far into the future, but I can work something out. twotter: While I like your ideas, I need the earth -gone-. Smashed, catapulted away, I don't care, as long as its gone. And I am sorry for not being honest in my first post, but your initial reaction after my second post is precisely the reason for the subterfuge in the first post. Not many people seem to be willing to help writers (Who may never get the book their
  6. Well, I did tell you I was going to be idiotic. Least I told you the truth. And, I never said I wouldn't mention you. No need for nastiness, now. We're adults, or I would hope so.
  7. Hey Dan, Thanks for the information, and I'll be looking into that. Basically what I'm trying to get into is, and I know this sounds absurd, but a... Okay, I'll start from the beginning, because I have no idea how to explain this without making myself look idiotic. Oh well, I'm going to look idiotic anyway. Might as well do it right. I'm a Science Fiction author, and I am looking to pick your brains for my next book, which my friend has said is impossible to write because I cannot create a cataclysmic ELE big enough to destroy the planet without having aliens destroy the earth which has be
  8. Okay, so this is the only place I can logically ask this question (this, and a handful of other forums, however, I found this first). I am doing a bit of research for a paper, and I need a PLAUSIBLE way for the planets to shift orbit (either all planets moving closer to the sun, with the closest getting disintegrated, or all of the planets moving outward an orbit with whatever possibility happening to the last planet). I want to know the cause, effect, and outcome of your theories. Even if they don't *stay* in the orbit they end up in, I need them to, or at least the Earth to *move* out of o
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