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  1. Hi I have a polarising filter for my Baader Hyperion Zoom 8-24mm. I believe that this is useful for viewing the Moon as it cuts out glare. Is the filter a simple screw-in with no adjustment for how much polarisation one wants or can it be uded like a camera SLR filter where one can revolve the polariser to the position wanted? In other words, one can adjust polarisatiion in an SLR polariser simply by turning it. I've also purchased an Astronomik UHC filter and an Astronomok CLS filter. Can you tell me what these are used for and are they used for viewing or for astro-photography? Many thanks.
  2. Major disappointment. I purchased the 8SE telescope about a week ago and the motor on the fork arm is faulty. I tried it out the other night when we had clear skies and it would only go up and down but not across. Widescreen Centre thought it the handset might have to be "re-jigged" would would have taken 10 minutes but we tried the handset on another fork arm and it worked fine. So the whole fork arm plus handset will have to be returned to the Widescreen Centre (not their fault). They said that only 5% have faulty motors (it's usually the handset) so I'm unlucky. Fortunately I'm on holiday for 2 weeks so I'm hoping it will be back on my return home.Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. Hi I've just purchased the Baader Hyperion Zoom 8-24mm. What are the two extra round pieces enclosed in the box? One is made of rubber and the other of plastic. How do you attach it to main ep? When I attach ep to diagonal on Celestron Nexstar 8se, I can't fit the ep tube completely inside diagonal and tighten the screws on the diagonal as the body gets in the way of the screws. I have to raise the tube slightly from the diagonal so that there's enough clearance to tighten the diagonal screws. This seems rather crude or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Delivery of scope etc has now just happened. Widescreen Centre very efficient in delivery of package via City Link. I now have one very large box in hallway waiting to be unpacked.P.S I can't believe I'm being blamed for the clouds! Thanks alanjgreen.
  5. Hi All Hope I'm in the right part of the Forum. I'm getting delivery of the Celestron Nexstar 8SE tomorrow plus Dew shield, power cable, Telrad Finder, polarising filter, nebula filter, Baader Hyperion 8-24mm zoom and adapter for DSLR camera. Can't wait and very excited about my first Goto telescope. If the viewing is like last night in London I'll be well pleased! I currently have a 6" refractor, equatorial mount, 25mm and 16mm Plossl and x2 barlow which I want to sell. Is there anywhere on this site or can you recommend any UK websites for selling these items? Many thanks.
  6. Hi I live in North London. Does anyone out there know of someone who can help set up equatorial mount and 6" refractor at my home? Taking this telescope and mount to a club is just far too heavy for me. Thanks
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