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  1. Evening all Before I got my Celestron 8SE I continually read how hopeless the red dot finder is Im not oo happy with this basic finder Could any one recommend a good finder please Its obviously to sit on the SCT 8SE, But which is preferable? And would it be best to purchase an illuminated piece? Many Thanks in advance Jeff
  2. Interesting So what would you suggest about a different finder cos i hate this red dot thing
  3. Hi All Wondering if any small scope can be used as a finder Dont really understand this whole thing about finder scope upgrades Any advice? I own a celestron 8SE SCT Regards jeff
  4. Very nice image Clear good contrast Amazingly sharp Not pathetic - Superb Very slightly over exposed in certain areas but how can you not be happy with it Regards Jeff
  5. Thank you very much for that what does the DDD MM and DD MM stand for? Jeff
  6. Thank you Peter So do I put in 00 52 55N? Is that any different to just 52 55N Jeff
  7. I think the data is being put in the right way around. I just cant get it to accept the coordinates. Im missing something but cant see what it is. Going to try again. I can get a city 40 odd miles away but presume thats no good for accuracy BTW Thanks DP Jeff
  8. Good evening all Have a Celestron 8SE, but need some help imputing my exact coordinates. I do have the exact coordinates. They are as follows: Lat = 52.918 Long = 1.289 Lat = 52 degrees 55.1 minutes North Long = 1degree 17.3 minutes west When i try to put these into the goto, some of these numbers will not be accepted. Anyone help? Please Regards Jeff
  9. Thanks but is there any way ofimputing these into the telescopes computer?
  10. Also is there any way of imputing coordinates so i can give my exact location . the nearest city it gives me is about 40 miles away
  11. When i set it all up i aligned and everything is ok I switch it off straight away and then back on .This was to check that the location was saved but it wasnt Jeff
  12. Ok thanks Seen a GPS module used for £30. Worth it ? jeff
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