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  1. Nice shots, I was out for hours last night with my D70s and didn;t capture a single one. Saw loads though, so I'm still happy and I got a few nice widefield shots for my trouble. Second one in particular is amazing. Congrats!
  2. Nice! I've not even seen it yet hopefully the weekend will clear up a little.
  3. Surely if tracking the comet there should be some level of star trailing in the background?
  4. I have Starmap which is quite good. It was around £7 from the iTunes store. Like a knocked down version of Stellarium or Starry Night. -edit- its the one you can put in to night mode as mentioned above. It also uses the inbuilt GPS to figre out your location and show you the correct sky. It comes with Empheris built in, and shows you Magnitude, class, distance, and declination.
  5. I saw an episode of Sky At Night when they were looking out for Leonids, and they had a couple of guys with a radio set-up that would ping whenever a meteor was passing. I'd love to be able to do that if you could point me in the right direction. (I am a complete newb, so the more basic the better!) Cheers Anubis
  6. Anubis


    Images taken with my Nikon D70s coupled to an ETX-80.
  7. it really is worth the effort to find a darksite! We met up one Sunday weeks ago and went for a drive around the countryside stopping at little carparks we'd all driven past at some point but never took any notice of before. We eventually found the perfect one... Big enough for about 6 cars and right beside a small beach. As I said above, it was the first time I got to see the milkyway in years!
  8. Our astro group just had its first observing session of the season. We drove out to a darksite an hour's drive out of the city, choosen a few weeks earlier. Clear sky as far as the eye could see I saw the milkyway for the first time in years, had a good look at the galaxy Andromeda which was so much bigger and brighter than it had been in my suburban garden. Saw around four shooting stars, and had a look as always to the Seven Sisters. We spent more time just looking up in wonder than we did looking through our scopes. Well worth the long drive after a long day at work.
  9. Just downloaded an app called Starmap for my iPhone. Kind of looks like Stellarium, and uses the phones inbuilt GPS to set your current location. You can set the brightness and there is even a redlight mode for when your in the field. It also has the usual iPhone drag and magnify features, and if you chose something from one of the menus you get an arrow showing you which direction to move the screen to find it. I'll report back once I've used it a bit more, but for now it looks quite good!
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'll have a look for the QHY5 and if I can get it for around £76 (which the LPI costs) I may go for that!
  11. Hi, I got a few pounds for my birthday yesterday, and I was thinking of buying a Meade LPI (linky) to use along with my Meade ETX80 GoTo. The scope is on an alt-azimuth mount and I know this doesn't make it great for astrophotography, but it is what I have for the foreseeable future. Would I get any sort of reasonable image, or am I just wasting my money? Images of the Moon and Saturn, and the constelations would be all I'd be looking to photograph for now. Cheers, Anubis
  12. I agree with Warthog's theory. Would explain the slow movement peferctly.
  13. I booked myself on to a Winter Night Sky astronomy course at the local planetarium in Glasgow Second class is tonight and I can't wait, it's been nice to see some stars again Anybody else going to it?
  14. Hi Warthog! They seem to be sending out work units for a thing called Astropulse at the moment that is different from the usual sei@home work units. This may explain the change. I also think the calculation of "time left to complete" is based on the performance of your PC, have you added anything lately that could be a little more CPU hungry, or even turned down the amount of CPU/Memory Boinc is allowed to use using the BOINC settings? Cheers!
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