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  1. Hi all! And Steve, no it wasn't me...yet! May be in the market to try a SupaTrak scope, but that's for the future sometime hopefully! Tony, the western Highlands are indeed very popular, but I'm on "The Other Side", near Inverness! Still waiting for skies to clear... Ant
  2. Welcome, from another Scottish SGL newbie! AM
  3. Thanks all for the welcome! 8)
  4. I've seen a few comets too, and quite often they tend to underwhelm me. This one has been superb though - long may the show continue! AM
  5. Neon, Have you looked at these eyepieces? http://moonfishgroup.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=50&osCsid=5622ce25d55f5ee4211701da000c181c The Moonfish 30mm Ultra Wide 80 degree will give 16x and a true filed of view of 5 degrees - that's real wide! Good price too, and mine performs quite well at f6 (8" Dob). True the outer edge won't be completely sharp, but the feeling of immersion when viewing the Pleiades, Beehive, and otheer open clusters will be something else! Ideally, I'd also suggest something for higher power than the 12.5mm as well, but I just love the Moonfish so much
  6. Hi from another new member of SGL! Good luck with the telescope - it should give great views of Comet Holmes, in Perseus at the moment. AM
  7. Thanks all! Yep, astronomy at 57' N involves a lot of anticipation... Something wrong with Perseus - I like that! It's true too!
  8. Thanks! Not 20+ all at once, that's just what I've had over the years! At the moment 'only' four: ED80 ED100 Orion Optics 6" f8 (with Hilux, curved spider, high grade optics - for sale) GSO 8" f6 Dob with Hi-Lux coatings and Orion Accufocus. I have owned among others a TeleVue85 and a Pentax J60, but the others were much more mainstream (ETX, various ST refractors, Skymax 127, 4.5" Newts, Tal 120, etc...) Was a tad tongue in cheek about our skies - they can be really superb! AM
  9. Hi all! Antony McEwan here, saying "Hi" in my first post on this forum! I see a few names I recognise and some of you may recognise me. I'm a member of the Highlands Astronomical Society (website www.spacegazer.com) and am keen on observing except that a) in the summer we don't have dark skies, and in the winter we don't have clear skies! Other than that it's fine! Got a few scopes (20+ so far and counting...), and enjoying the fleeting glimpses of Comet Holmes at the moment. Nice to be here, AM
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