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  1. its a no from me im afraid got to be up early to get to silverstone for the f1.
  2. cloudy in walsall but there is little breaks now and again.
  3. Arrr ok mate thanks. That's put a smile on my face.
  4. cool. i think this will be the hobby for me. will have 1-2 years with what iv got and then go for the big boy stuff. also waiting on (turn left at orion) book which i bought off amazon. Loving this!
  5. ok mate thanks. I carnt find them new for under £210. is that about right or do you know of some secret site for cheap eyepieces? If you do i want to know lol.
  6. Hi peeps iv just bought these from flebay. these are my first eyepieces for my celestron 127 slt. MEADE SERIES 4000 EYEPIECE AND FILTER SET on eBay (end time 07-Jun-11 20:09:41 BST) So....have i brought a good kit and will they do the job of looking at the planets? im still new to this lol.
  7. I'm looking after my son tonight and tomoz so I carnt do tonight unfortunately.
  8. Hi people. Not long had my first scope. Never been out with it and I'm a novice lol. Can I join in one night please? Need tips and info.
  9. Will do mate when I get chance. Thanks.
  10. I didn't even know about this! How do I join and stuff?
  11. +1. Just dont start buying ep's and stuff for it if you plan to drop it soon. keep saving as much as you can as the sky will always be up there for you lol.
  12. Im now on the map and can see 3 others just round the corner from me lol.
  13. nice one mate. top read.
  14. hi again mate. thats cool! i will go and have a butchers at the report now thanks.
  15. Right now iv started lol. iv just bought a 32mm Plossl and a moon filter. will give it a week or so then go for the 6.4mm Meade 4000 plossl, and a barlow. thank you.
  16. thanks for the advice people its all taken on board now and will be looking around for a 32mm Plossl and a 6.4mm Meade 4000 plossl. this will no doubt start off the collection i will end up with lol. On a noob note. do all ep's fit the end of the scope or are there diffrent size's?
  17. ok mate thanks for that. yer it does make sence now thinking about it. will wait for the for sale section to open and have a nose about there.
  18. thanks mate. after about 40 min my eye does start to go blurry and hurt. i realy have to get ontop of the ep to get a good view. the star that iv been looking at alot if capella as its right infront of my on my balcany and it seems sharp and very bright. When does the for sale section open then and any more advice on what iv said? thank you.
  19. Hi and welcome. im new here too and just down the road from you lol. the people on here are brill and always happy to help.
  20. ok mate thanks for that. For now as im just getting to grips with the kit i want to study the moon i.e close up. tbh im getting amazing views at the moment but im always looking to go that little bit more lol.
  21. arrr i think i get it now lol. thanks mate.
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