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  1. Hey I think I saw Elvis surfing way out there. Someone blow it up and zoom in and see!!!!
  2. Have tried buying her something she Doesn't need? When I get something I always try to but my wife a something before hand so she can't complain. She still does but hey it lessens it a bit. BTW I just bought her a new car so I figure I am due something big too!! Jon
  3. Here is a good site that explains it. If you have a short wave radio you can always tune to wwv to get the current UTC time. UTC - Coordinated Universal Time Explained - UTC Conversion Chart - WWV Frequencies
  4. Boy do I feel stupid right now. :iamwithstupid:I saw awhile back someone recommend "turn left at Orion" and Night Watch. Got on ebay did a search and got 2 books really cheap. Well, I started reading "Turn right at Orion" and I thought why would someone recommend a heavy astrophysics book to a beginner? It's pretty good as the fiction goes but way way over the top of my pea brain. Then I saw this thread a couple days ago and saw it was turn "LEFT" not "RIGHT" and thought to myself well that explains that. So I got back on ebay yesterday and am pleased to say I found the proper book. Moral of this post is know when to left and know when to turn right at Orion!! Jon
  5. Hey all new here and new to looking at the cosmos. I just went for my first ever eye test yesterday. not good. Been using reading glasses for 2 years and they just don't cut it anymore. Just got into astronomy and found out I could not see **** out of my right eye when looking thru the scope. Blurry and see what looks like a piece of plastic right smack dab in the middle of the eyepiece. Thought it was the scope until I looked thru another scope and it was the same thing. Tried the left eye and all was clear. So now I am a lefty eye looker but its real hard. Gonna have to some how figure out what to do about my rifles now too. Maybe the new glasses will fix the trouble.
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