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  1. Thanks for that. Usually use stellarium or my finder anyway but with it being cloudy, was having a gd play. Clutches located so playing more now. Mike
  2. I have a Skywatcher 130p. Set it up nicely but just noticed when turning the Right Ascension adjustment, although the scope moves correctly on the axis, the actual scale setting circle also moves with the pointer. I would have thought the pointer should have stayed still so I can read what point on the axis I an at. Might sound a silly question but I dont see why the circle and pointer move together. Mike
  3. Thanks Peter! Will have a look for them. Yeah Cronton isn't too far off
  4. Evening. I'm looking for a group to join around Warrington. I've seen a couple around Cheshire but with having a young child wondered if there were any nearer.
  5. I just remember looking up at the Milky Way whilst on honeymoon in Kruger National Park in South Africa......pitch black, no lights in camp. Why can't it be like that at home in Warrington
  6. Excellent early pass tonight. Made a clear H just with binos!! Great clear sky too so in for a long exciting night methinks Mike
  7. Can anyone recommend and iPhone apps? Given the last two evenings have been complete whiteouts, I've got my head in the books as recommended by quite a few on this forum, and that was a+ advice!!
  8. Just going outside now but a but cloudy here. Was a fantastic pass last night at 22.38 Mike
  9. Thanks for all the info guys. I'm a v keen photographer into my aviation so this was my next step. Definitely going to play with what I have first. Yes the scope came with 25mm and 10mm so that's enough to get started. I've got v gd camera equipment but that's for after I've mastered the scope first. Lovely clear sky forecast tonight so hoping for some gd viewing. Will keep you posted on my first few nights. Looking for a club next. Think one in Altrincham (Cheshire) looks my nearest and looks like a gd set of people. Mike
  10. Hi New to this so thanks in advance. Just purchased my first scope the Skywatcher 130p. Can anyone recommend the best additional lenses and also camera mounts. Feeling like I'm on a steep learning curve at the moment Thanks v v much Mike
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