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  1. No offence taken at all. I'm totally new here and just after various opinions on lots of different aspects. If there's one thing I've learnt from previous hobbies it's to ask the experts. The problem with the written language it's it's so easy to misinterpret it especially when that written piece comes from a different part of the world.
  2. In another thread I mentioned having Stellarium on my netbook by my scope thinking it was an aid. Somone though called it a crutch. Now I realise this is 100% opinion rather than fact but where does an aid stop and a crutch begin?
  3. Thanks for that. That's really given me some good courses of action. Appreciated.
  4. Why would that make any difference to a holographic sight? I've used them quite extensively on guns and am very familiar with both their pros and cons so if you can explain why ones for telescopes are different, bar the reticle in the case of the telrad, I'd love to know. They would certainly need to be different to make any difference simply because I'm not shouldering the scope.
  5. A telrad is essentially a holographic gun sight with a different reticle (concentric circles in this case). Once you have aligned it so long as your eye is roughly behind it the nature of the sight will compensate to a large degree for any slight difference in your eye position. You can check this by deliberately moving your head. The circles will move with you (up to a point). They are designed to be used with both eyes open and are designed (on a gun) for rapid target acquisition. I know I'm new here so ought to be asking rather than answering but I've used many similar units on various airguns over the years. You can see one in operation here YouTube - Telrad und DeepSky Reiseatlas When the camera moves it still tracks his ceiling well.
  6. Thanks chaps. Looks like I'm way overreaching my ability and that of my equipment given my location. I'd better choose some easier targets higher in the sky.
  7. If going from a nice and easy to find point of reference to try to find something that's well hidden out there what's the furthest a new boy should be looking to try and go please? I appreciate that much will depend on the section of sky and how many good reference points there are but an expert opinion or two would help me try and choose targets that may be within my ability to reach rather than overreaching myself and trying to star hop too far.
  8. Thanks chaps. Not giving up. I expected lots of frustration - the universe is very big and my targets very small after all. Stellarium asks for a aFOV which doesn't help me set it correctly for my scope. The telrad idea seems like a good place to start though I'm sure I've seen similar "red dots" with similar reticles for guns for much less. I'll have a trawl of ebay.
  9. I'm sure everyone here not using goto has had this or even still gets it. I was trying to find the sombrero galaxy as it's in the same portion of sky as Saturn and being a total novice Saturn is one of the things I can find with no trouble. With my netbook open showing the region on Stellarium I was instantly hopelessly lost. The reversed image I'm looking at really makes comparing what I'm seeing with the map very difficult. This morning I've just found the bit in stellarium that displays my scopes view. Somewhat belated but better late than never. Can someone please advise what figures to enter for my eyepieces to get the correct view. My scope is a 150 pl 1200mm f8 and eyepieces are 25 and 10mm. Thanks.
  10. Now I have the correct sequence the principal of the mechanism is obvious. Thanks for that it's worked a treat.
  11. 150pl with 10mm eyepiece. Without the 2x barlow focussing is nice and easy with a slow transition between clear and blurred. With the barlow obtaining a good focus is much harder. Is this solely a function of the higher mag (ie would it be the same with a 5mm eyepiece) or is it specific to the barlow? It doesn't help that any contact with the scope on an eq3-2 results in considerable shake making focussing a matter of adjust slightly and wait, check and reapeat.
  12. Is there a how to guide anywhere please? My dec in particular is very tight and therefore jerky. I've slackened the central allen bolt and played with the two others to no avail so I think a strip and rebuild will pay dividends. I also build race cars for a hobby do spannering / engineering isn't any problem but a guide would be nice if available. Thanks. Despite this I got a lovely view of Saturn last night this time with the barlow in play too. Two good viewings in my first week which seems unusually fortuitous compared to some. Do you ever get used to watching things drift left in your eyepiece when you know they're going right with a similar problem when attempting dec adjustments?
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