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  1. Orion SpaceProbe 3 Equatorial Reflector Telescope | Orion Telescopes or something like this from a more reputable place??
  2. So there are a couple telescopes that are discounted for black friday (an american tradition where stuff is often discounted for a day or so) btu I was wondering if you guys thought they were any good. I keep hearing how you need to spend several hundred dollars on a telescope or it really isn't worth it. Anyway, for an amateur astronomer, can I see a decent amount of space stuff with either of these? AstroMaster 130EQ-MD (Motor Drive) Telescope (item #31051) / AstroMaster Series Telescopes / Telescopes / Products / Celestron.com or much cheaper one Celestron PowerScope 70mm Telescope $39.97 Thanks!!
  3. Thank you, I will try to make the most of it!! It certainly has been great so far! I made a thread in the lunar imaging forum. The pictures are not great but I tried!! :)
  4. So this probably doesn't count, and doesn't do what I saw justice, but I tried to take a picture of the moon from an observatory telescope I attached the picture of the moon I took from my cell phone and the giant observatory telescope that is over 100 years old!
  5. So, I finally arrived at my new hometown for grad school. Since it's a much bigger school then I'm used to, I get to try out all kinds of new stuff like going to an observatory! Every week my school has public observatory sessions and it is just amazing. They have two large telescopes (I think 10 -12 inches) and the giant observatory telescope. I was able to see saturn, vega, and all kinds of celestial objects!! They pointed the big telescope at the moon and I could see the craters within the craters!! Just a totally awesome astronomy experience and I'm really lucky to have this opportunity so close. Especially, because I really don't have the funds to buy nice telescopes :) Actually being able to see some of the deep space objects or the details of objects in our solar system leaves me breathless.
  6. So I'm heading off to grad school next week and one of the many academic things I'm excited about is that I'll be able to further my interest in astronomy. I went to a very small school that featured one astronomy class and that was it. But now I'm going to a huge school with a full observatory, an astronomy major, and lots of people interested in astronomy. The observatory how weekly open observation nights but I couldn't really get much from their website. What is going to an observatory like? Do I actually get to look through their big telescope?
  7. neurostar

    Awesome night :)

    unfortunately no, i pretty much live in the middle of no where. but i'm moving to a decent sized city for grad school where I hope I can get more involved in astronomy!
  8. neurostar

    Awesome night :)

    Been awhile since I posted here.. I've been pretty unlucky with availability and clear skies. However, tonight was awesome!! Totally clear skies, great visibility!! Also, tonight was the first night I used my Ipad for stargazing. It was incredible. I just used the SkySafari 3 app which I bought for .99 and it was amazing. Since I'm new to stargazing, I have trouble finding a lot of stars but not anymore! Skysafari has a built in compass so I can literally hold my Ipad up to the sky and find whatever I'm looking for! The night vision mode really helped keep my eyes adjusted and I can even search for a particular celestial object and it will point me right to it! The only bummer is I really wish I had a telescope now. I can still see A LOT with just my eyes and an average pair of binos but it'd be nice to see some definition of stars/planets. I'd like to actually be able to discern Saturn from the stars around it by seeing it's rings :) Also, I'd like to see some star clusters and spiral galaxies... But still, I spent an hour outside star gazing before I realized I should probably get ready work tomorrow!
  9. this is awesome!! and the only way i could ever build a telescope
  10. I'll look forward to being able to see Mars and Jupiter :) I do have Stellarium but I never thought of taking it out with me during stargazing! That should make things much simpler! Yes, I'm hoping to start with just my bins to tide myself over until I get a telescope. It is a fun hobby just to see even the more visible stars! Good luck on your future star gazing and I hope the skies clear up for you soon!
  11. thank you for the insight! the night sky was almost cloudless where i live and the viewing was much better tonight
  12. So I've been patiently waiting for a clear night to start star gazing and tonight I finally received my wish! I've always been mystified by the stars and by thoughts of what lies beyond earth. It was so awesome to be able to actually study and observe celestial bodies in real life. :) I definitely believe I will stick with this hobby! So to set up, I had a lawn chair, 8x30 binos, a sky map, and a flash light to take peaks at the sky map. Very warm night but I still wore jeans and a sweatshirt so I wouldn't be attacked by bugs as much :P I started off by finding the big dipper. After this I was able to adjust my sky map accordingly. I tried to find several of the bright stars in the sky and I happily identified vega, arcturus, and polaris. I think I found Saturn but I couldn't be positive. It was just awesome though to star hop around the night sky and observe different stars and star clusters. I think a stronger pair of binos would be nice or a telescope, but those purchases will probably have to wait awhile. It would have been nice to confirm if I found saturn if I could have seen the rings via a telescope. The one negative thing about my start to star gazing was I was all alone in my quest. So, I couldn't confirm if what I was seeing was actually what I thought it was, or if I missed something. Though it was incredibly peaceful and relaxing nonetheless :) Overall, I really enjoyed observing the night sky even though all I had was limited knowledge and a weakish pair of binos. I hope I can continue to learn more about astronomy and become more proficient in finding celestial objects.
  13. Hello all, I've been anxious to start star gazing at home but I haven't had one clear night yet! I did some star gazing at my college and the skies seems a lot clearer. My college was in the middle of no where but my house isn't in a bustling city or anything, just in suburbia. I've never done any star gazing from my home location so I can't tell if my house just happens to be in a bad light pollution area or if I've been really unlucky with cloudy nights (it has been stormy for awhile here). Any ways to be able to discriminate light pollution vs. cloudy skies? Thank you!
  14. Thank you for your comment :)
  15. Hello all, Since I'm home for the summer (i just graduated college, yay!!!) and have some nice free time I decided to try out the blogs on here :) I'll sort of just go through my experiences as a beginner astronomer. I feel this will help me stay on track with starting astronomy and maybe someone will read it :P So far, I haven't made much progress with actual star gazing, but I've done a lot of background stuff. I've spent a lot of time reading forums on here :) I've researched telescopes and binoculars. I've been reading through an astronomy book. I've downloaded stellarium and starry night pro also. I've talked to some astronomy people. I even attended a planetarium show at my school before I graduated :) So, I've learned a lot and I feel like I'm ready to actually start viewing the skies. I've only looked for some basic constellations with just my eyes but on the next clear night I will try to find more stars and a planet or two. I'll be using my eyes and a 10x25 pair of binoculars. I'll post back here on star gazing my experience :)
  16. thankfully i'm moving to the south so i won't need as much warm clothing!
  17. I know there was a thread about this from a few years ago but I wasn't sure if the info changed as technology rapidly does. I have both stellarium and starry night pro (was given to me by an awesome professor). I'm guessing starry night pro is better because of the obvious price difference. But what exactly are the main advantages? I have no idea to when I will be able to buy a telescope. Will starry night still be more useful for the time being when I am without a telescope? thanks!!
  18. neurostar


    thank you all for the welcomes i've never seen a forum that has been so friendly to newbies lol still haven't bought a telescope or binoculars yet but i'm looking around... i'll post when i do!
  19. I know with all the discoveries of new planets there has been a lot of excitement with finding planets that are similar to earth which may be able to support life. But that is just life as we know it. Are there any other leading theories on what other sorts of planets may support "different" life? I know I was reading some stuff about silicone based life instead of carbon. I know its all theoretical but fun to think about
  20. It's awesome to think about this kind of stuff. What is existence? Is the universe always going to have a big bang and big crunch forever? If so, then nothing is permanent. But if the universe keeps expanding forever than eventually everything will die out.
  21. Thank you Dob for the informative reply! I tested out my 10 x 25 binoculars tonight and while it was exciting to see the magnified stars, I'd love to purchase either binoculars or a telescope that would allow me to stargaze with more definition. It'd be great to see saturn's rings, distant stars, galaxies, and nebulas. So I think my binoculars are not quite strong enough. Haha, I'm not disappointed at all! Even with my smallish binoculars I had a great time looking at what stars I could. I'm pretty science minded so studying star maps (thank you for the stellarium suggestion by the way!!) and then finding distant stars in real life is right up my alley. My summer will be pretty free so this should be a good time to get started with amateur astronomy
  22. Thank you both for the informative replies! I did test out my pair of binoculars tonight and they didn't seem to have much power. Though, it was exciting to stargaze what I could I'm hoping to purchase at least a 7x 50 bins or some kind of telescope. Just gotta do some more research on what to buy... I'm pretty hooked on stargazing though, I'd love to see celestial objects with more definition though!
  23. Sorry for the ignorance in advance I'm looking into buying a cheap pair of binoculars or telescope to start amateur stargazing. I looked around in my closet for a pair and found a hardly used pair of bushnell binoculars. To my surprise, they looked pretty nice and had a camera built in them (i'm guessing the camera would not be adequate for astrophotography). The specs are: 10 X 25, FOV 300 @ 1000 yards. I'm pretty sure these are made for viewing things much closer than stars like sporting events or sight seeing. Could they be used adequately for star gazing? Thanks!
  24. Thank you all for your helpful replies!! So I've narrowed it down to purchasing a cheap/used telescope or a good pair of binoculars. I already have a really basic pair of binoculars but I'd like something with a bit more power. I'd like to see the deepest in space as I could so would a telescope such as the Celestron 21062 AstroMaster 70 EQ Refractor Telescope be better than a solid pair of binoculars like the Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars? Thanks again!
  25. Thank you for the recommendation! The Skywatcher Skyliner 200p is a little expensive for me though.. From doing some browsing I'm starting to feel like I need to spend at least $200-300 for a good telescope. Should I look for used telescopes?
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