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  1. hi! Thanks dor your answer, i'am happy you enjoy these pictures!!! Tom
  2. Hi everybody!! 2 pictures of number 23 & 84 from ARP catalogue in canes venatici! 2 pictures with the same set-up: C8, mount losmandy G11 with mts3-sdi Sbig ST-7XE Guided by lodestar on radial guider by phdguiding. ARP 23 15x4' for 1 hour of exposure ARP 84, "the heron eating a fish" It's a beautifull system of 2 galaxy in interaction, NGC 5395 & 5394. It nickname is "the heron eating a fish", the similarity with this bird is nice! It is eating a fish, the little galaxy PGC 2101092 18x4' for 1h12 of exposure Good seing with a fwhm betwen 2,9 & 3,4 arcsec See you soon!! Tom
  3. Hi paulo! lot of webastro menbers here! Good job! Tom
  4. beautifull pinwheel! From australia, it's more easy :-)
  5. Hi! i continue to post my pictures from belgium 2 pictures with the same set-up: C8, mount losmandy G11 with mts3-sdi Sbig ST-7XE Guided by lodestar on radial guider by phdguiding. First, Arp 1 and arp 285 in ursa major 1h24 of exposure, 28x3' It was my first picture with a ccd. February 2011. FWHM between 3,6 & 4 arcsec Always in ursa major, ARP 104, the "keenan system" (where is dark vader? ) A beautifull system of a elliptic galaxy and spiral galaxy in interaction. 1h30 of exposure, 30x3' FWHM between 3 & 3,5 arsec See you soon!! Thomas
  6. thanks you for your answer! Yes, this group isn't see often, but it is interresting and it's one of more shining of hickson catalogue. Tom
  7. Hi everybody!! From my Belgium, i present to you this picture of a hickson group. The number 68, are NGC 5350, 5353, 5354, 5355 et 5358 in canes venatici. Magnitude 10.9 for ngc 5353 to 14.6 for ngc 5358. C8 telescope on vixen sp-dx, commanded by boxdoerfer mts3-sdi. DSLR eos-450d 27x300" for 2h15 of exposure guided by lodestar on radial guider by phd guiding. traitement by iris and the gimp2 A crop of hickson 68, whith a far away () cluster of galaxy near. It's an old picture from last year, i have take it in april 2010. Now i have a losmandy G11 and a sigma ccd with kaf1603me. I will send new picture. Good sky, and excuse for my not very good english!! Tom
  8. Very thank you for your hospitality!!!
  9. Hello, I'am Thomas, and i live in Belgium! I like astronomy from long long year, and i do astrophotography from about 18 mounth. I prefer the galaxy, and the arp catalogue. I will send my picture so. See you later, and excuse me for my bad english!! Thomas
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