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  1. Thanks for your assurances and suggestions! I had visions of several hundreds of pounds worth of camera being dashed to pieces due to the failure of a cheapy bit of plastic! Will be sure to seek out a quality t-ring and adapter in that case. Thanks again
  2. Hi guys and gals - my first time on here, so treat me gently I've had our first scope (a Skywatcher Explorer) for a few months now, so recently went out to get what I thought would be a decent new "general" camera and that would, according to the reviews, pass muster for some astroimaging too. The one I ended up with is Canon EOS 7d. With a standard fixed lens on it, this is one heavy piece of kit to stick on the side of a Newtonian scope - I'm really wondering if the plastic of a t-adapter is going to be up to the job as it's about 1.1kg all told. I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience of relying on just a t-ring and t-adapter to do this? I see that there are some fancy brackets available, but they seem more suited to refractors rather than reflectors.
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