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  1. Settling in to Star Oak Observatory After 2 years of restoration, Building and work the observatory is getting finished. Had Mars in the pearl at just over 700 power for an hour the other night. Has all the work been worth it YESSSSSSS!!! Having a blast with friends and family out in the observatory.... (aveman
  2. Again Thanks you guys, You have some great old equipment over there, some of that really old stuff surfaces once in a while and is incredible to see. Now that I have this all set up it is coming time to tea it all down in order to finish the observatory and Paint Anodize some parts and finalize the build....
  3. Hello All. Thanks for the Kudos on the Pearl Refractor, Johnny Hardwick Named it that after seeing it. Johnny was Dale Gribble on king of the hill and a great guy, Lots of fun at Star parties when he starts speaking like Dale!! And yes that is a 1954 Unitron guide scope. I have been restoring old scopes for 25 years so I have a couple of Classic scopes. The Pearl was a find of a lifetime. Roland is going to give her the once over soon and re-oil the objective. He has not seen it since he made it in 1984 so the oil is getting very old but still is in OK shape, I am just getting her ready for the next 40 years.... I am lucky to have been able to rescue the Astro Physics from a pile of telescopes found in a storage locker where it had sat for years. Well hoping all you great guys enjoyed looking at my progress so far. this has been a 2 year project and labor of love. Restoring and rebuilding the OTA that Roland built and getting the Scope / mount to this point has been a great experience and has involved, designing parts. Using my friends 16" Lathe, End mills and other really nice machines. Meeting with anodizers and making every thing a cut above in order to meet or exceed Rolands designs of late. Another really great experience was finding a 1998 Byers Series II mount that had never had a telescope mounted on it and setting it up for the Pearl, It is gorgeous and hold the 130 pound rig with ease. Here is Ed Byers with the mount, Clint (aveman Whitman at Mnt Pinos and the 4th Anual CSPAMP Classic Star Party At Mnt Pinos....The Pearl is mounted on the Custom built folding portable pier that I re-fabricated for the Pearl (portable ) Clint Hope to see you at the 5th Anual CSPAMP!!
  4. I have not posted my latest project. Wanted to see what you all think of the Pearl. Roland built this in 1985. He called it his Onesey. Told me it took three years to find the NASA glass to build the lens. I sure am glad he did. Just spent an hour with my first good look at Mars this year. The oil Spaced triplet has A 10 of 10 Rating so far, So wonderful. Thanks for looking!! Clint (aveman Whitman 1954 100mm / F15 Unitron Secondary scope Vixen 80mm F4 Finder 1985 Astro Physics 9" Refractor " The Pearl" 1990 Mint Condition Byers Series II Mount. Star Oak Observatory, CA
  5. OOOPPS Roland Christen called it the "ONESY" The "Pearl" was named by Johnny Hardwick AKA Dale Dribble from King of the Hill Show,,, He is a friend and fellow astronomer... Again Glad to be here and really love the format.. Clint
  6. Wow I am overwhelmed! Thanks for all the good thoughts and complements on the Pearl. She is a real great old lady and can blow a hole in the sky. We have been able to hold Saturn at 680X and with bino-viewers the views are drop dead wonderful. With the 9" Oil spaced Triplet you can plainly see the propeller in M13 and even make out the red tinge of the rock piles on the moon. I had a long conversation with Roland about the scope and he called it " The Onsey" only one he ever made, he said it took 3 years to find the glass for the lens. I just did some swapping and was able to get hold of a unused Byers Series II mount. I am working on the piers. One portable and one fixed. OUR EVENT IS COMING UP AND I HOPE TO HAVE THE NEW MOUNT THERE Classic Star Party at Mnt. Pinos, "CSPAMP 4" Again thanks for all the welcomes and hope to get to know a bunch of you Well (aveman
  7. Hello everyone, Clint (aveman Whitman here from California. I am a Classic Telescope man and own the 9" F10.6 Pearl Refractor. Made by Roland Christen 1985. I have been restoring old telescopes for close to 30 years and have quite a collection of old telescopes and great telescope using friends. I have been having a problems with a strange bird named Loron Knolen. It seems he has been a problem on the Star Gazers Lounge and speaks out against it all over the internet. Due to this fact I reckoned it must be one of the best forums on the internet and decided to join.... Thanks Clint (aveman Whitman:icon_salut:
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