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  1. Just to say Hello! Harry (Seti team member for some time) Cheers
  2. Glasspusher - Indeed you are correct. Mirror making is a most satisfying experience - especially when the very first test shows it does not have a turned down edge!! It would have been my second mirror - I made a 6" many years ago (1970!), when the bought cost was several weeks wages. The Foucault tester I had was made by the Jig & Tool dept at the now defunct BMC works at Longbridge. A work of art in itself - hardened vee slides, a lovely micrometer movement with a large engraved brass graduation wheel. When I got divorced, ex wifey binned it before I remembered it! Such is life. Barkis,
  3. If anyone wants it, I have a pre-ground 8" F6 mirror that needs polishing. Got the pitch and the Cerium Oxide too to go with it. IIRC, it's low ex glass too. You will need to make a tool to put the pitch on. FOC if collected from Prudhoe, Northumberland. One Proviso: You must make it into a telescope - not put it on some dreaded auction site!! Please PM me. Cheers Harry
  4. From NASA: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2008/21mar_nakedeye.htm?list994540 Cheers Harry
  5. Hi Steve, Many thanks for the offer - much appreciated. Problem is it's a long, long way from Northumberland (so is everywhere and anywhere!) Cheers anyhow Harry
  6. Gosh folks, What choices!! I thought this was going to be easy!! Spacemonkey: Thanks for those links. V nice kit indeed. Also your comments re zoom ep. Will probably get one as well as single ep's - handy for the kids to use I suspect - less to drop too! CW: At the moment I am minded to get the WO 110 FLT/HEQ5 Pro/zoom + 4 singles ep's. At least they can all be got from a single source...how do uk dealers take to haggling? Whiplash: Thanks for that link to the MN76 - looks nice but I think a bit too cumbersome. I fancy something that fits in a box for easy(ish) transport. V Nice though. Cheer
  7. Thanks for all the welcomes.. Martin, will no doubt pay a visit. Look forward to meeting some of you. Cheers Harry
  8. Hi Ron Stocksfield, just East of Corbridge, off the A69. Cheers Harry
  9. Hi Folks, I have decided that one can waste a lifetime browsing and comparing specs, so as life is short, what would YOU choose for a refractor on a goto mount if you had a budget of (edited: "around" 2.5k) I do like the look of the Williams Optics kit and the Skywatcher stuff (why do they quote "apo" with a two element objective?) In addition, has anyone any experience with the zoom eypieces (I am aware they are not going to be as good as individual ones, but does the lack of performance outweigh the convenience for general gazing?) All advice treated with utmost confidentiality.... Cheers Ha
  10. Hi, Real name is Harry. Many years ago (early '70s) made first Newt - 6" self-made mirror (anyone make mirrors now: no?- shame on you!), eq. mount etc courtesy of employer at the time (was an engineering apprentice). First wife binned the lot soon after divorce before I could collect it - such is life. Have had an 8" Celestron Dobbie cheapie for the last few years, but second lot of kids find it difficult to guide. (See questions re modern kit in other thread heading) Live not far from Kielder (30m) in a quite dark sky - apart from Eastwards towards N/Castle! Btw - nice forum with nice peeps..
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