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  1. ooooh the back lean Observing seat comes with it... lol
  2. surely all simply stargazers big dark sky with stars the welcoming open play ground to all, come as you are, with what you like, enough room for everyone
  3. hmm hmm mm mm hmmm do doo do do do hmmm 'fly me to the moon, let me sing amongst those stars' sponsored karaoke could help raise the funds posted as idea made me smile often wonder myself when the opportunity inevitably comes would it be worth selling the house, all worldly possessions and wiping out the savings to go for that edge of space ride and then spend rest of living days in a tent
  4. Whilst down at Astrofest this year I did notice at one of the books and astro bits and pieces tables a necklace of different stones cut and polished each representing a planet or moon and arranged in the order of the solar system with the sun at the centre which I kind of liked. You could possibly take that idea and make a chain of disks using both silver and pewter and possibly copper and maybe other metals? Polished to different irregular texture levels, pinched and punctured to imply surfaces, each disk representing an object and scaled in size, you could even make a swirl or two to represent a galaxy to include? Work out how to imply rings around Saturn? I think the disks need to be flat pebble like rather than spheres perhaps, round balls would be too lumpy to wear I think; you'd have to play with that. Needs to be very tactile. I my head I don't think I see something short that sits on the neck, I see something that has a bit more length. Nothing symmetrical. If I had a scanner I'd draw you it and post up the drawing lol I might have to have a go myself now I've designed it in my head
  5. hello and welcome, hope you enjoy
  6. Hello Peter, warm welcome from the other hemisphere
  7. Hello and welcome I never tire of looking at Saturn
  8. Hello and welcome to SGL
  9. Hello and welcome we are also stellarium users and use it outside to assist with deciding which objects to track to
  10. I've done some research and it's true it's a little bumpier up here in these parts Thank you to all who have hello'd and welcomed.
  11. aye, tis why I have been puzzled... can't blame a yellow belly for being confused
  12. Very 'zen' callisto I offer this suggestion to those feeling tense - A soothing celestial musical sound track of the noise stars make to listen to when the technical going/cloud cover frustrations gets a little tough?
  13. What a truly dreadful experience! As with others here - thoughts with you as you try to sort out the aftermath. Kind regards
  14. Skeggy! Not been over there in a few years, hello and welcome
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