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  1. Thanks again all, great to be made to feel so welcome so quickly. Celinibellini, I also can't make the BSIA meet tomorrow but am going to go next month. Never thought there would be a group so central.
  2. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Brantuk - Thanks for the heads up re Baker St Irregular Astronomers, will definitely check them out. Dobby - I work near Harrow and I've heard some places in the Chilterns are good - e.g. Ivinghoe near Aylesbury.
  3. Hi all, I discovered the forum a few days ago and thought I should join as it seems like the ideal place to learn and get tips. I'm only just starting out, some friends clubbed together to buy me a Meade ETX80 as a birthday present a few months ago and I've been learning the basics. Unfortunately stargazing opportunities are limited in North London due to the light pollution, so I know I'm going to have to travel to find dark skies. If anyone is from London and knows of nearby places I'd love to hear about them. Looking forward to talking with everyone in the future and learning as much as possible.
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